Jim reads fan-fiction about K/S and Spock catches him (thanks for the prompt ES, was a fun one)

“What are you doing, Captain?”

Jim jumped what surely was ten feet in the air. “Spock! Shit! You scared the crap out of me.”

Spock frowned at Jim, who was sitting tucked away way in the corner on a couch in the mostly empty recreation room. “Why would you be frightened?”

“Well. Not scared. I know you aren’t going to strangle me or anything. Not this time.” He winked and was pleased when Spock’s cheeks turned green. He then looked guiltily down at his PADD. “Um. I-I was reading.”

“Reports? If you are behind, I can assist you.”

“No. No. Not reports. Something…something else.”

There went the head tilt. “You read ‘real books’ as you call them when you read for pleasure. Is there some troublesome matter at home that you received a message?”

“No.” Jim put the PADD face down on the table, feeling very embarrassed and definitely flustered and frankly a bit turned on. “Stuff online.”


“There’s this site where, um, people write things.” Jim rubbed the back of his neck. “There’s-there’s a section about us.”

“The Enterprise?”

He traced his lips with his tongue. “No. Us. You and me.”

Spock stared. Suddenly he reached for Jim’s PADD before Jim could stop him. Spock glanced at the screen. Then at Jim, then back at the screen.

“I am not even certain that is possible.”


Spock shook his head. “And I certainly do not have…” He stopped and looked reproachfully at Jim. “Which, of course, you know.”

Jim shrugged guiltily. “I know. But, well, it, they, it’s kind of fascinating.”


“And hot.”

“But, Jim, they have invented parts of me that I simply do not—”

“I know.” Jim grinned. “Believe me I know.”

Spock gave him another look. “They do seem to have your character down correctly.”

Jim narrowed his eyes. “How so?”

“The begging, the whimpering, and the—”

Jim snatched his PADD back. “Okay. Enough of that. It’s time to quit and go to bed.”

Spock took the PADD back, swiped his finger over the screen, and then handed it back to Jim, who noticed the page had disappeared, and it was back to his Starfleet homepage. “That is enough of that.”


“If you want to know about the ways we ‘get it on’, you will only have to wait ten minutes until we reach our quarters.”

Jim grinned. “I know.” They fell into step beside each other. “I don’t beg.”

Spock arched a brow.