There’s my princess. And do I mean it. Since Crazy died in November of last year, we were briefly worried we might have to get another cat to be Luna’s companion. Nope. You’ve never seen a cat more happy to be the only cat. She loves it. And has become so spoiled, you wouldn’t believe it.

I’m behind a bit because I oozed laziness over the weekend when I should have been writing the next chapter of I Will Follow You into the Dark. I will have it up tomorrow morning come hell or high water (reference to Chris).

Off to see Spider-Man tonight.

Yesterday it was a million degrees. No really. 108 here where I work. About 10 degrees less where I live. I baked. Summer is here, alas. Hope yours is mild where you are.

After some conversation with a friend, I may keep the blog going after all. Not decided completely yet, but it’s a possibility. So stay tuned.