I braved heatstroke for this but here you go.

At least the hot sky is blue
Back in June I posted a picture of these trees in all their purply bloom. Loot at them now!!
Some months back I posted a picture of the cloth hanging off the freeway that kind of looked like a ghost. You can see that the ghost is still there. M jokes with people that we live under the freeway. Makes us sound like trolls, actually. Maybe we are!!
The shady park
Ugly Hedges
Not a sign of water in the wash now!
Love these big big trees. Wonder how long they’ve been alive. Longer than us surely.
I just love how this house is elevated about the house below it.
You’ve seen these guys before but thought you might like to see how they are still going strong
Italian Cypresses

I hate those trees. Ugly. Not to be confused with a Monterey Cypress (see below). They are all over here and I hate them. They are hideous and filled with vermin. Years ago my friend’s dad, alive back then, looked at the ones in his backyard (he was the original owner of the house) and he said, what asshole planted those? He was the asshole of course. Quite the character he was. He sort of looked like a cross between Tom Bosley and Paul Sorvino. Anyway, he’s long gone now but he’s one of those characters in life that you never ever forget. It’s amazing how people come and go in our lives, either because they pass on or because our circumstances in life change. Anyway, M hates olives and our friend’s dad, as a good Italian, loved them and he would chase M around with jars of olives, going but you have to try these. M would try them, of course, and go, nope, still gross. HA HA

Be careful of Sharks, they pop up where you least expect them
Love this house. Loved it more before they put in that astro turf that’s in their front yard.

Last night one of the houses in the neighborhood was having a party and they hired a Mariachi Band. It sounded like a blast. Alas they didn’t invite me.