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So I managed to not get Covid from my trip a while back to Pechanga so that’s a plus. But this weekend is my great niece’s 4th birthday party. My niece and her husband just moved back to So Cal from Nor Cal and they bought a very nice house in a place called Rancho Cucamonga. Anyway, it’s only family being invited but that thing is everywhere isn’t it?

M’s sister lives in ND and her husband just got diagnosed with it (not to be confused with M’s half sister who also lives in ND whose husband died of Covid in November). He’s miserable but mostly okay with his biggest complaint being his back pain from it. She has tested negative so far.

This is their cat, Mr. Kitty

Don’t be fooled by that cute face. He’s a serial killer of mice and rabbits.

Speaking of cats, here is ours, in her pampered pink blanket she loves

Tomorrow is the last flash for January (I know Monday is January but I explain that in tomorrow’s flash post).

Otherwise, we keep plugging along here. I don’t remember if I mentioned M being laid off last February (got a new job in June) but the old job asked M back you can believe it. It’s more money than the current job, but I have concerns and hope that taking that old job again is the right decision. But M wanted to.

I’m still working from home indefinitely which is the way I like it these days. Have an overnight trip planned in mid-Feb, and then a longer one in March and then relatives come for a visit in April over Easter. So much is going on!

In other exciting news, I may be going to the Star Trek convention this year in Vegas in August. It’s a long way off and anything can change including a certain Spock actor COULD cancel, but right now Quinto is scheduled to be there for the first time ever. Trying not to be too excited because as I said a lot can change in the many months until then.

My updates of current WIPS are going swimmingly and I know you’ve been enjoying them so I appreciate the support.

Until tomorrow!

Sorta Walk With Me August and Sorta Ramblings

Don’t remember if I did a walk for August so anyway, thought I’d post a few pictures around my area I took.

The last few days haven’t been bad and it even got into the high 50s at night. But Labor Day Weekend predictions are absolutely beastly with 106 on Saturday. I keep praying they are wrong.

An ugly hazy sky
More ugly haze
The little fountain by my house
Another view of the fountain
Cool flower
Sister-in-law’s cat, Mr. Kitty

Tomorrow will be the last of the summer themed flashes. I am still not done with September. I have 5 left to go. To be honest I am struggling because I feel like I have done everything and it’s hard to come up with something different. But maybe I am overthinking it and you’ll be okay if it’s something I’ve written before, just as long as you can read about Jim and Spock.

Anyway hope everyone has a good week.

Rambles, January 16, 2020

Yesterday, I posted Chapter 11 of The Space in My Bed. I hope to have the final Chapter 12 up in the near future. I’ll be so happy to have another one finished. I am super excited by that prospect. I have new ideas to post, as you know (having done some sneak peeks) and I’d rather get a few more done before I do that.

Once that is all done I will turn my attention to an update for The Vulcan Who Fell to the Earth and Orchestral Maneuvers. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

Tomorrow is a flash that pretty much continues from a flash we saw at the end of December. Now when they become an ongoing story I think they lose flash status but whatever. I might write more on this storyline so stay tuned.

It’s a three day weekend for me and M as both of our companies get Monday as a holiday (MLK). I am quite happy about this. Sunday night we are going to dinner with the family, so that will be nice, but I have no other concrete plans other than to sleep! This is my last official holiday until Memorial Day (M’s company gets Good Friday off).

In other news we are supposed to get rain tonight, so wish us luck with that, as we always need rain.

In the continuing saga of what a pain cats are, we got this new bed for Luna for Christmas. See it there, all fluffy and cozy? Yeah, that’s not the one she is lying in. She’s in her old stupid bed. She is AFRAID of the new one. She sneaks up on it like it will attack her. Sigh. Cats.

I’m a Little Behind

Went to see It Chapter 2 last night, of course, and it was good, but super long.

We got Subway before and I don’t know, maybe the turkey was bad, because I ended up sicker than a dog in the middle of the night. I didn’t go to work today but didn’t do much of anything but moan and groan.

Plus what I am working on is all at work, so…thus I am falling behind this week.

The flash for November 6th with my TOS guys is a little more complicated than I first thought it would be and I ended up making it into a series-ish thing like the other Wednesday Flashes. But stay tuned for more on that when November comes.

Then I was working on Nine Lives but it’s a bit stalled. I’ll get through it.

This Saturday I plan to finally make that cheesecake I found the recipe for I want to make, so Friday after work I need to go shopping for the stuff.

I will take pictures and let you know how it comes out.

And speaking of here’s one of Luna

Tuesday Rambles, July 16, 2019

There’s my princess. And do I mean it. Since Crazy died in November of last year, we were briefly worried we might have to get another cat to be Luna’s companion. Nope. You’ve never seen a cat more happy to be the only cat. She loves it. And has become so spoiled, you wouldn’t believe it.

I’m behind a bit because I oozed laziness over the weekend when I should have been writing the next chapter of I Will Follow You into the Dark. I will have it up tomorrow morning come hell or high water (reference to Chris).

Off to see Spider-Man tonight.

Yesterday it was a million degrees. No really. 108 here where I work. About 10 degrees less where I live. I baked. Summer is here, alas. Hope yours is mild where you are.

After some conversation with a friend, I may keep the blog going after all. Not decided completely yet, but it’s a possibility. So stay tuned.

A Sad Day

Tonight was awful.

We lost one of our babies, Crazy.

IMG_3513¬†She hadn’t been feeling right the last couple of days, throwing up and not eating much, so M made an appointment for her Tuesday morning. When we got home from work to take her, she was bad. Really bad. Hiding from us (sick cats hide). She didn’t fight us going, which is very unusual.

Anyway, after waiting for the vet forever the vet said she felt a mass in her tummy. They did an X-ray and she had probably multiple masses. She was fading before our eyes and after discussing options, we made the very very hard decision to let her pass peacefully. We were with her with she died. I kissed her little head.

From the first time I saw her, I fell in love. We went to look at kittens after we lost our old cat a few months before and M wanted Luna because she was short haired. My gaze had fallen right on a little black fluffy lemur looking kitten. I kept going back to her but M was stuck on Luna. So we chose Luna and the adoption guy said since she was a kitten they had a policy that you had to adopt two. I don’t know if he was full of crap or saw the love in my eyes, but I went right to Crazy and scooped her up. She purred and purred. It was love.

I cannot tell you how much joy, love, and laughter she brought into my life when I really needed it. There were so many many times she made me smile and laugh but only cry this one time, her last.

I miss her so much already and I will always will.

Just some Updates and Cat talk

The Hike is done. Yippie! Hope you like it.

Now I can turn to The Sight when I feel like it. Not sure when that will be as I’m doing some reading at present. But it will come in due time, no worries there.

Most of you know Crazy the cat. I got her, well, I don’t know five or six years ago now? Got her in January that year and she’d been born in November I think and Luna in October. Anyway…the point is, I’ve had her a while.

She’s got her issues. She has breathing problems and eats her own fur (she’s nicknamed Crazy for a reason). All these years we’d been feeding her mostly Fancy Feast wet food and broths. They get fed 3 times a day. They always have dry kibble. Anyhow, she always mostly licked the gravy off and left the rest.

One day recently, our friend mentioned that her elderly cat quite enjoyed the Sheba Perfect Portions Pate food. They come in twin packs. You break one open and feed the whole thing to the booger. Anyway, Luna hates pate food. So she gets Cuts, which they also make. Anyway so we tried the Perfect Portions Pate and now Crazy is crazy for them! HA HA. She gobbles them down each meal like we hadn’t ever fed her anything proper for 5 or 6 years. Animals!

Should be a nice weekend weather wise and birthday dinner wise. Quietish after the recent weekends of busy busy.

The Girls

Since I didn’t get my update for The Love of a Lifetime done, the girls thought they would make an appearance.


Shake Rattle and Roll

In case we forget we live in Earthquake territory, we had a 5.3 today off the coast of Channel Islands, which is in my county.


I happened to be home as I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and the shaking knocked over a tv tray table and Crazy went…well crazy! LOL

You’ve seen those cartoons where the back end goes faster than the front? That was Crazy the cat in today’s excitement!

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