Tonight was awful.

We lost one of our babies, Crazy.

IMG_3513 She hadn’t been feeling right the last couple of days, throwing up and not eating much, so M made an appointment for her Tuesday morning. When we got home from work to take her, she was bad. Really bad. Hiding from us (sick cats hide). She didn’t fight us going, which is very unusual.

Anyway, after waiting for the vet forever the vet said she felt a mass in her tummy. They did an X-ray and she had probably multiple masses. She was fading before our eyes and after discussing options, we made the very very hard decision to let her pass peacefully. We were with her with she died. I kissed her little head.

From the first time I saw her, I fell in love. We went to look at kittens after we lost our old cat a few months before and M wanted Luna because she was short haired. My gaze had fallen right on a little black fluffy lemur looking kitten. I kept going back to her but M was stuck on Luna. So we chose Luna and the adoption guy said since she was a kitten they had a policy that you had to adopt two. I don’t know if he was full of crap or saw the love in my eyes, but I went right to Crazy and scooped her up. She purred and purred. It was love.

I cannot tell you how much joy, love, and laughter she brought into my life when I really needed it. There were so many many times she made me smile and laugh but only cry this one time, her last.

I miss her so much already and I will always will.