The Hike is done. Yippie! Hope you like it.

Now I can turn to The Sight when I feel like it. Not sure when that will be as I’m doing some reading at present. But it will come in due time, no worries there.

Most of you know Crazy the cat. I got her, well, I don’t know five or six years ago now? Got her in January that year and she’d been born in November I think and Luna in October. Anyway…the point is, I’ve had her a while.

She’s got her issues. She has breathing problems and eats her own fur (she’s nicknamed Crazy for a reason). All these years we’d been feeding her mostly Fancy Feast wet food and broths. They get fed 3 times a day. They always have dry kibble. Anyhow, she always mostly licked the gravy off and left the rest.

One day recently, our friend mentioned that her elderly cat quite enjoyed the Sheba Perfect Portions Pate food. They come in twin packs. You break one open and feed the whole thing to the booger. Anyway, Luna hates pate food. So she gets Cuts, which they also make. Anyway so we tried the Perfect Portions Pate and now Crazy is crazy for them! HA HA. She gobbles them down each meal like we hadn’t ever fed her anything proper for 5 or 6 years. Animals!

Should be a nice weekend weather wise and birthday dinner wise. Quietish after the recent weekends of busy busy.