It was only Sa-Mekh who came out a few minutes later.

“He’s resting. I put him down for a nap,” Sa-Mekh said. “He should be better when he awakens.”

Suvoc had no doubt that when Sa-Mekh said he put Father down, much like a parent does for a child, he helped Father ease into sleep. Fear and uncertainty curled in his stomach.

Sa-Mekh looked to Ronan, who remained as cool and calm as he ever was. “Which of your parent was human?”

“My mother, actually,” Ronan replied, taking the tea Suvoc handed him, with an easy smile that served to melt some of Suvoc’s unease. “My father was Romulan and Vulcan. His father was Vulcan and his mother Romulan. It was she who raised me.”

“You were raised by your Romulan grandmother,” Sa-Mekh said with a stiff nod.

“Yes. She was a former commander in the Romulan forces.”

Suvoc decided it was time to direct Sa-Mekh away from the inquisition. He opened his mouth to speak.

“How did you two meet?”


Ronan held up his hand. “All is well, e’lev. Were my grandmother alive, you would be subjected to similar inquiry. My people are gone, all of them, and I went to the colony to help with rebuilding all that I could with New Vulcan. I am only a quarter so I was rejected as a sperm donor, but I am involved with implementing native plants and species onto the colony. This is how I met Suvoc.” Ronan smiled in Suvoc’s direction. Being only a quarter Vulcan, Ronan smiled easily, showed his affection easily, and yes, his wisdom. “After our initial acquaintance, your son found that it was his time. We decided I would assist him with that.”

Suvoc felt himself color but did not add anything to Ronan’s words. Indeed, what else was there to say? Sa-Mekh could fill in the blanks.

“And you are well…suited?”

It was the closest Sa-Mekh would come to asking if there was affection between them. Suvoc nodded. “Yes. I wish to speak of Father. When can I talk to him of the healers on New Vulcan?”

“I made him aware of your intention to speak, but whether he recalls that, at this point, I cannot say.”