He found Ronan in the bedroom talking to Father. He became instantly concerned when he saw that Father looked a little confused. He exchanged a quick look with Ronan.

“I’ll be right back. Going to go to the bathroom,” Ronan said. He stopped and squeezed Suvoc’s arm as he went past.

“Are you well, Father?”

Father scrunched up his face. “Who was that?”

Heart sinking, Suvoc forced himself to remain calm. “My husband, Ronan. You met him a short time ago.”


“It is all right, Father. You will get to know him better over tea. Sa-Mekh is making some.”


“Yes, Father.”

Suddenly Father looked scared. “Where-where is he? Where’s Spock? Spock!”


“I don’t-I don’t-Spock! Spock!”

Sa-Mekh appeared and hurried over to Father, grabbing him by the biceps and looking straight into his face. “I am here, ashal-veh. You are not alone.” He glanced briefly at Suvoc. “Please finish the tea for me.”


“All will be well. Go.”

Suvoc went out to the kitchen where Ronan waited. He went instantly to his mate who embraced him. “He’s definitely worse.”

“I know. We will take him to the healers, e’lev.”

“Yes,” Suvoc agreed. “Soon.” And he prepared the tea.


E’lev = Romulan for My Love