I’m back from San Diego. Didn’t have a chance to get anything written, which is why you don’t see the next part of The Love of a Lifetime here.

It was hot and muggy. Ugh. The good news is there were too many of us to take one car so we drove ourselves (meaning M did LOL). We left Saturday morning at 6:45ish and got to the Safari Park in Escondido around 9:30. We got in free thanks to the fact that two of our friends have memberships and they get a few perks as part of their membership. Considering it’s $54 each to get in, this was a good deal.

Since the area here is set up like a safari in Africa, it decided to be as hot there. Seriously. Ugh. We did a ton of walking and we also rode the tram that takes you to see a lot of the animals. They had a baby giraffe. We had a three year old with us, Aria, and they now have a hot air balloon that goes up for about 10-15 minutes and she just had to go on this. It cost $14 extra per person so “Uncle Ryan” paid for them all to go except for me and Aria’s mommy, because we were like…nope. They all enjoyed it but after that they closed it because it got to be too breezy.

They have  a new part there that’s supposed to be Australia but there was no shade at all while there and though it was nice to see the kangaroos I hightailed it out of there to go find a table and chairs out of the sun while they all looked.

Later, we all continued on to San Diego, proper, and checked in to our hotel. That night we went to Old Town San Diego and had Mexican food at Cafe Coyote.

Sunday, we had our free included breakfast and then headed out to the zoo. Fine time was had by all and in the afternoon, after Aria absolutely loved the penguins in Africa Rocks (think Madagascar Penguins), we went back to the hotel, went into the pool for a bit to cool down, and then out to dinner before heading back to the night time zoo. They had a little show with bubbles which Aria loved, and then a parade, which she also loved. And she rode the skyfari at night (I do not like the skyfari, it’s very high up in little buckets).

Yesterday morning we had more free breakfast and then M and I headed home, making it back about 1ish. I guess technically I could have done some writing but I didn’t feel up to it.

Anyway, happy to be back. This weekend should be chill (not temperature wise) except we will got out for dinner for M’s birthday. This was the last trip away we have planned for a while. As a home body, that suits me just fine.

As for what’s coming up storywise, besides the one appearing here, I have to finish The Hike and get the next chapter of The Sight done. I’ll play it by ear as to when any of those appear.