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The Love of a Lifetime, August 22, 2018

He found Ronan in the bedroom talking to Father. He became instantly concerned when he saw that Father looked a little confused. He exchanged a quick look with Ronan.

“I’ll be right back. Going to go to the bathroom,” Ronan said. He stopped and squeezed Suvoc’s arm as he went past.

“Are you well, Father?”

Father scrunched up his face. “Who was that?”

Heart sinking, Suvoc forced himself to remain calm. “My husband, Ronan. You met him a short time ago.”


“It is all right, Father. You will get to know him better over tea. Sa-Mekh is making some.”


“Yes, Father.”

Suddenly Father looked scared. “Where-where is he? Where’s Spock? Spock!”


“I don’t-I don’t-Spock! Spock!”

Sa-Mekh appeared and hurried over to Father, grabbing him by the biceps and looking straight into his face. “I am here, ashal-veh. You are not alone.” He glanced briefly at Suvoc. “Please finish the tea for me.”


“All will be well. Go.”

Suvoc went out to the kitchen where Ronan waited. He went instantly to his mate who embraced him. “He’s definitely worse.”

“I know. We will take him to the healers, e’lev.”

“Yes,” Suvoc agreed. “Soon.” And he prepared the tea.


E’lev = Romulan for My Love

The Love of a Lifetime, August 17, 2018

Ronan walked close beside him for which Suvoc was grateful. For some reason, Suvoc had anticipated Father would be the difficult one rather than Sa-Mekh.

The trip to their apartment was fraught with silence from Sa-Mekh but Ronan kept up chatter with Father.

Once in the apartment, Father said, “Well, let’s get you settled in your room—”

“Suvoc, a word, please.”

He stiffened and looked regretfully in Father and Ronan’s direction. At the moment, Ronan was trying not to look at either Suvoc or his Sa-Mekh, and Suvoc could hardly blame him.

“Spock, you’re being rude,” Father said pointedly.

“No, Father. It is all right. Please show my mate to our room.”

Suvoc turned to Sa-Mekh as soon as Father and Ronan were out of earshot. “You wished to converse?”

“This bonding was…sudden.”

“Quite. In human terms, we eloped,” he replied, as stiff as Sa-Mekh.

“Very recently?”

“Affirmative. I…it was my time and Ronan…” Suvoc shook his head, aware he was becoming embarrassed.

“Your time? I was not made aware.”

“As there was nothing you could do about it, there was no requirement to notify you,” Suvoc snapped. He straightened. “Please. There is no reason for objection to Ronan.”

Sa-Mekh looked as though he would argue, but then nodded. “As it was sudden due to your…Pon Farr, that is the way of things.” He turned toward the kitchen. “I will prepare tea while you get settled.”

Suvoc bowed. “As you wish.”


The Love of a Lifetime, August 11, 2018

Suvoc walked nervously forward. Now he doubted the wisdom of keeping the important information from his parents. He felt the comfort and security from Ronan and was gratified.

“Father,” Suvoc said as he stopped before them. He pulled Father into an embrace, pleased when arms came around to hold him back. He released Father to turn to Sa-Mekh, preparing his fingers for the ta’al, but Sa-Mekh pulled him close as well.

“Who is this?” Sa-Mekh asked next to Suvoc’s ear.

Suvoc stepped back and next to Ronan. “This is Ronan, my mate.”

“Mate?” Sa-Mekh’s eyebrow shot up. “You are bonded?”


“Sirs,” Ronan spoke up. “It is my honor to meet you.”

Father eyed Suvoc’s mate. “You are Human?”

Ronan smiled. “Yes and no. I am half.”

Sa-Mekh’s brows furrowed. “You are not Vulcan.”

“Also yes and no. I am quarter Vulcan.”

“And the other?”


“Romulan, actually.” Ronan continued to smile. Suvoc liked his smile.

“Why were we not alerted to your intention to bond?” Sa-Mekh demanded.

“Spock,” Father said, softly. Spock immediately seemed to relax the ire he had been directing toward Suvoc and Ronan. “Why don’t we head home and you can conduct the Inquisition there?”

“I…yes. Very well.” Sa-Mekh turned. He gestured. “The hover car is this way.”

As Sa-Mekh moved to head in that direction, Suvoc mouthed the word, “Thank you” at Father, who smiled.

The Love of a Lifetime, August 10, 2018

Suvoc supposed it had really been too long since he’d seen his two fathers. But he had been busy on New Vulcan. His duties there as an instructor at the VSA were extensive and he hoped in a year or two to receive the promotion to head instructor at the school. He was getting ahead of himself, he knew. There were other candidates who were fully Vulcan.

He’d kept in touch with Sa-Mekh of course on Father’s worsening condition, which was, of course, why he was here. He’d been talking to Vulcan mind healers. And now, he needed to speak with Father.

They were waiting for him as he stepped off the shuttle ramp and for a moment, emotion overwhelmed him. They both looked frail and vulnerable compared to when he’d last seen them. Sa-Mekh should have many years ahead of him, still, and yet having to care for Father in his current condition was quite clearly having its effect on Sa-Mekh. He looked…frazzled. Not a good look on a Vulcan.

And Father. He was smiling but it was faint and there was just the touch of vacancy in those familiar blue eyes.

Suvoc steeled himself. He could show nothing to Father that indicated his despondency. He was here for Father…and Sa-Mekh. He must maintain strength at all costs.

He turned to the man coming down the ramp behind him.

“That’s them, I take it?”

“Yes. I…”

“Relax. If anyone can accept me, it is them,” Ronan said. “Shall we?”

“Indeed. Come.”

100 Words Continuation, June 05, 2018

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Recently, Suvoc had contacted Spock about coming for a visit and Spock had wondered if it would be a good idea. Perhaps he should mention it to Jim.



“Suvoc has indicated a desire to come for a visit.”

For a moment, Jim looked confused and Spock’s heart sank.

“Our son,” he said quietly.

“I know,” Jim said defensively. “He…doesn’t he live with us?”

“No, ashaya. He moved out, remember?”

“Oh. Yeah.” But he said it in such a way that Spock did not know if he remembered or just said what Spock wanted to hear. “Good. He should. I would like to see him.”

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