Suvoc walked nervously forward. Now he doubted the wisdom of keeping the important information from his parents. He felt the comfort and security from Ronan and was gratified.

“Father,” Suvoc said as he stopped before them. He pulled Father into an embrace, pleased when arms came around to hold him back. He released Father to turn to Sa-Mekh, preparing his fingers for the ta’al, but Sa-Mekh pulled him close as well.

“Who is this?” Sa-Mekh asked next to Suvoc’s ear.

Suvoc stepped back and next to Ronan. “This is Ronan, my mate.”

“Mate?” Sa-Mekh’s eyebrow shot up. “You are bonded?”


“Sirs,” Ronan spoke up. “It is my honor to meet you.”

Father eyed Suvoc’s mate. “You are Human?”

Ronan smiled. “Yes and no. I am half.”

Sa-Mekh’s brows furrowed. “You are not Vulcan.”

“Also yes and no. I am quarter Vulcan.”

“And the other?”


“Romulan, actually.” Ronan continued to smile. Suvoc liked his smile.

“Why were we not alerted to your intention to bond?” Sa-Mekh demanded.

“Spock,” Father said, softly. Spock immediately seemed to relax the ire he had been directing toward Suvoc and Ronan. “Why don’t we head home and you can conduct the Inquisition there?”

“I…yes. Very well.” Sa-Mekh turned. He gestured. “The hover car is this way.”

As Sa-Mekh moved to head in that direction, Suvoc mouthed the word, “Thank you” at Father, who smiled.