Hi there!

Well, I lied obviously. The other day I said I would not update My Heart’s a Virgin until Saturday but I got it done and I thought, why not? So I posted it.

In other news, I ordered a new love seat. Ours broke some weeks ago (June when M was in ND) and the spring came out and was sharply sticking out. We desperately needed one but furniture is expensive and for a while we were trying to decide what to get.

Last night I finally just made the decision for us and ordered one. There it is in the picture below. It was originally supposed to come Tuesday but now it says tomorrow, so we will see.


It comes in a box and you have to put it together! But it was cheap.

In yet other news, I lied again, though I didn’t mean to. I was re-reading the Professor Spock series again (PS and Runaway Groom) and realized I had left it at they still hadn’t bonded and it was sort of iffy if they would. So I think I am going to write a very short conclusion to the series for this year’s Halloween. I thought about Christmas, which is where the lie thing came into play, but then I realized the original Professor Spock story began on Halloween…so…that’s where I am at.