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Ramblings of the Week, April 10

This weekend was a social horror for me.

I had to do a birthday party for a two year old on Saturday and we were there from 10 to 10 with lots of loud obnoxious people and by the time I was able to go home I was more than done.

Two good things, I helped her color Easter eggs and at one point she stuck her little hand in the green dye because she was tired of trying to pull up the little scoop the egg dye color comes with. Then her little grubby hand was green. Very cute.

The other was one of the guests was fostering kittens and they were tiny, one of them barely two weeks old, and she brought them because they have to be fed every few hours. And they were very cute. Here are two of them on her lap.


One little guy thought he was going to fall and my arm was the nearest thing to grab on to.

Please ignore the ridiculous whiteness of my skin. The mottling too. Please and thank you.



Yesterday was yet another social thing, this one for an adult, but at least it was in a beautiful location. Carpenteria.


I am socialized out. Woke up with a killer headache today as a matter of fact.

Next up on the updating is “What Happened to Spock?” Angst is coming.

Now I just need some serious coffee and alone time. Yes. Alone. Thank you.


Scaredy Cat

Currently they are repainting the outside of the building our townhome is in I forget when they painted it last but they are painting it again. This time white with gray trim. Seems like it would get dirty fast.

They started yesterday.

During this process they tape up all your windows. We have a skylight too so that got taped too. Then they use some sort of power paint sprayer. I’m guessing it’s loud. And I am also guessing there are several men working at once because the buildings are large and they got quite a bit done in one day. Men when they are working outside tend to be loud and yell back and forth to each other. Probably stomped on the roof too.

We returned home from work yesterday to find the cats hiding. Surprisingly Luna was the braver one this time and she came out to eat and see us. Luna is a huge huge coward. Crazy aka Trixie is usually the brave one. Not this time. She was hiding under the bed in the guest room. She wouldn’t even come out for her afternoon feeding.

We left to go to dinner and when we returned they both seemed okay. Crazy was out and had her before bedtime meal. She did keep staring at the plastic stuck to the windows.

This morning before we left for work, she was back under the bed, even though the men don’t start work until around 8 and we left just after 6. She wouldn’t come for breakfast.Luna ate hers. Now you know why Luna is chubby.

Anyone who knows about cats know that they got that Scaredy  Cat rep for a reason. I expect the men to be here the rest of the week, so poor Crazy is going to give herself a little kitty heart attack.


Easy Saturday

Chilling on a Saturday morning



The Return


I only wish I could say I was better. I’m still feeling crummy. Yesterday, Tuesday, I had something of a relapse and felt worse than I had in days. I still have the cough and lots of guck coming out of my nose (I know, gross). But I am back home and back at work.

Our cat sitter/watcher neglected to check on one of our cats, Luna, and she had locked herself in the bedroom. She manages to open and close doors. She does, really. Anyway, she loves the bed, so she was in there and somehow closed the door on herself and this chick never bothered to check on her Monday when she came to feed them. She spent at least 24 hours locked in this room by herself. She peed and pooped all over the bed and was starving poor thing when we came home. I was not amused.

So I spent a large part of my miserable evening taking care of that, as you can imagine.

I haven’t had sex in over a week and I’m going a little nutty. I just want to feel normal again.

The trip was nice though on Sunday it poured like the Dickens in California and caused all kinds of flooding issues. I am glad to be home and to have a short work week. I plan on taking it very easy this weekend.

Today at lunch I will begin working on Anything.

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