Currently they are repainting the outside of the building our townhome is in I forget when they painted it last but they are painting it again. This time white with gray trim. Seems like it would get dirty fast.

They started yesterday.

During this process they tape up all your windows. We have a skylight too so that got taped too. Then they use some sort of power paint sprayer. I’m guessing it’s loud. And I am also guessing there are several men working at once because the buildings are large and they got quite a bit done in one day. Men when they are working outside tend to be loud and yell back and forth to each other. Probably stomped on the roof too.

We returned home from work yesterday to find the cats hiding. Surprisingly Luna was the braver one this time and she came out to eat and see us. Luna is a huge huge coward. Crazy aka Trixie is usually the brave one. Not this time. She was hiding under the bed in the guest room. She wouldn’t even come out for her afternoon feeding.

We left to go to dinner and when we returned they both seemed okay. Crazy was out and had her before bedtime meal. She did keep staring at the plastic stuck to the windows.

This morning before we left for work, she was back under the bed, even though the men don’t start work until around 8 and we left just after 6. She wouldn’t come for breakfast.Luna ate hers. Now you know why Luna is chubby.

Anyone who knows about cats know that they got that Scaredy  Cat rep for a reason. I expect the men to be here the rest of the week, so poor Crazy is going to give herself a little kitty heart attack.