I sometimes get to the point where I think…why bother? Each day or sometimes every other day, I work to create something to post on a fanfiction site for like-minded people to enjoy and I get a few kudos and/or comments and all seems well. Or wellish. And then I lose a subscriber. And then I lose another subscriber. And a bookmark. And yet another subscriber.

And I am left wondering what have I done wrong now?

The good news for me this last week is that Chris shaved. Yay! tumblr_olvmiijcp31spvhnko1_500

Alas Zach did not.

Chris could use a haircut though.

I was really hoping Viggo Mortenson would win the Academy Award for best actor but it was not meant to be. I didn’t watch the awards but I was rooting for him.

What is this? Week bazillion of my cough? Sure feels like it. It’s not as bad (in spite of M would say) but damn how long does it have to go on? I’m wheezy all the time too. Maddening.

In two weeks I am off for the weekend to go wine tasting in Paso Robles.


That is where we are staying. I forget how many wineries are in the area. Like 22 plus or something. Anyway it will be fun, I think. March 10-12.

My cats are more popular than I am. I get more likes when I post pictures of the furballs. Go figure.

I pretty much didn’t do anything this weekend. I went to the grocery store for about 30 minutes on Saturday, but otherwise I never left my house.

I was so sad to hear about Bill Paxton passing on. I loved him in so many things. My favorite roles for him were in Aliens, Apollo 13 and Tombstone. All movies I own.

What a great actor he was and as I understand it, a great human being. I’m sad.