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Another update from me on here.

The next fic to be updates is Nine Lives. That’s the last one from March.

Expect a Flash tomorrow. I forget what it is, but I am sure it will be good! ha. Oh wait! I remember now. This Jim continues from the teaching Spock poker flash.

I have everything scheduled for May and will soon begin to schedule some for June (including one that continues from May 17)

Coming up NEXT week will be updates for The Mysterious One and My Devotion. I look forward to both of those and hope you do too.

I am also going to try next week to add a 4th chapter to The Thought of You Is Consuming Me (Regency Pinto) for the Pinto de Mayo launch. Cross your fingers!

In other news I may have made a grave error in joining the cookie of the month club! HA HA. I may be eating too many cookies. Bad me!