So, as you know I did two updates for All I Ever Wanted yesterday. That was in anticipation of spending much of the rest of the week on flash fics through May.

I have May 3, 10, 24th, and 31st done now. I am about to tackle the one for May 17th, which is based on a suggestion JJ sent to me. Once again, thanks everyone for the suggestions they are extremely helpful. The 17th will be longer than typical and will be multiple parts. That’s why I got the flash done for the 24th and 31st as those were short! (And update: Yippee! All May flashes are now done. And Part 2 of the long flash will debut in June. Go me!)

This weekend, Saturday, my great niece Quinn turns 3 and so we are off to BFE for her birthday celebration. Her parents live like 2 hours away from us in good traffic at a place called Redlands. Her birthday is at some kiddie play gym thing where you have to wear socks inside and no shoes. We only have to be there a couple of hours but since it takes 2 to get there and 2 to get back, it’s a long ass day.

Tonight we are seeing Shazam. Looks cute so that should be fun. And that’s pretty much it for news here.