Today is the last day of the week for me at work. I had to drive my own ass in today too because M gets off 2 hours early from his job since for them, tomorrow is a holiday. For me it’ s a vacation day.

Our plans are to sleep in, then go to breakfast. Then I need to make a trip to a candy store to finish off my Easter baskets. After that it’s home so that M can put our new light fixtures in our bathroom. The ones in there now over the vanities are original from when our townhome was built in the 1980s. They started going bad a while ago and now none of them work at all. They are all the same in our bathroom, the spare, and the one downstairs. We bought four new ones, two for our bathroom, and one each for the others as they all needed replacing. Anyway, wish us luck because obviously we are not electricians!

As you know, Sunday is Easter, and I’m going to the family’s that day. Not sure yet what my plans are for Saturday other than sleeping! Ha.

I updated My Heart’s a Virgin, so that’s something. I also got the first flash for May done. I’m hoping to get another flash for May done today. We’ll see how that goes. Next up in regular updates is still All I Ever Wanted. But I am in no real hurry to update it, so that’s a wait and see also.

And that’s basically where I am at right now. Hope everyone has a good weekend and Easter, etc.