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So today was kind of rough. I had to spend two hours at the doctor. I’m okay, most of it was just routine stuff, but my cat was pretty sick all last night and today and we got her into the vet. She seems a bit better but I am keeping a close eye on her. Long time followers/friends know when we took Crazy in for a vist we thought was just to ger her well, we had to put her down. It was heartbreaking. That didn’t happen this time, so I am grateful.

I still have some more flashes to do though I have 3 scheduled already (one with Jim de-aged, one with the Regency Pinto, and one with some wild idea J suggested, you’ll have to see). Hopefully I can get to the rest soon. I’m going to Universal Studios with my sister Thursday though.

Blog change: For now on flashes, I’m taking away the ability to comment. Not that I can’t take you agreeing with me that the flash is crap. I can. Who knows, I could change my mind tomorrow.

Both J and I still have some stories coming in the Advent Calendar (2 for me and 1 for J) so I hope you will check them out whenever that is.

Thought you might like to see the all new decorations for outside of the sister’s house. Pretty cool, huh

Sunday Rambles

I was in a store yesterday and ta da they already were putting out fall. Yeah I was agog, too. I love fall as much as the next one but sheesh

On the other hand look at this cool flower in the garden section of a hardware store

Anyhow because I need to write MORE (sarcastic) I am writing a new song fic/five story thing. It’s being proofed and when it’s ready I hope to post the first chapter soon.

Sunday Rambles, October 06,2019

So sorry I haven’t been around much this week. Work has been…work. And with crappy cell service, it’s been challenging. Then this weekend I have been busy too. I will try to be better about keeping in touch as I go forward.

I did update The Fling today.

I also posted the latest update to my Fall Guys this past Friday right here on the blog. Eventually, when their story is done, I will be posting the whole fic on AO3 but don’t look for that until the end of December.

I have to go to a party today, which I am dreading. Oh well. I will live through it.

Coming up next in updates will be My Devotion. I am back in the pattern of spreadsheet updates.

Finally, on October 23rd, our garage door will get replaced. TWO MONTHS later. But at least it will finally happen. I will be sure to post pictures of it when it does.

Wednesday coming up is an October related flash. And then Friday is the next update for the Fall Guys. Can’t wait for you to read it.

This week both of my co-workers are on vacation so I will be alone for much of it, working like mad to cover their jobs as well as mine. Fun fun fun. LOL

Talk soon

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September 23, 2019 Rambles

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So you aren’t getting or haven’t gotten yet anyway, until now, my usual what’s coming up for the week post. And that’s because…well nothing.

I’m still working on the TOS flash for November 6th and then I have the follow-ups to that and they are getting a little more complicated because of reasons and it’s taking up all of my creative energy right now.

What that means is, even though Transfer Request is next to be updated at AO3, I just don’t know when that’s going to happen.

Besides the November TOS flashes, I will soon have to get back to my Jim/Prime Holiday story and then the 25 days of Christmas for December, so needless to say the stories on AO3 are going to take a small hit. I will try to continue to update at least one a week. But I can’t promise more right now.

But coming up this Wednesday here, is my conclusion to Clueless Spock and then my final song flash, Dancing on My Own. Yes, I am revealing the song. So there’s definitely stuff to look forward to, I think.

Weird week for me too because we are massively packing for the move this weekend. I will be leaving work a bit early Friday as they want us out.

Finally, this Saturday I will be doing the cheesecake. I am so looking forward to it. Got all the ingredients and it should be a nice weekend for it. Very fall like for us.

Unfortunately, tomorrow they are predicting our infamous Santa Ana Winds and 98 degrees. That should be the end of it for a bit, I hope. Crossing my fingers and toes. But that’s also our famous FIRE WEATHER.

When I was a kid, I’ll not forget, there one year where the fires were quite bad in my area all the way through October. The sky was orange it was so filled with smoke. That year my parents were supposed to go to a Halloween Party at the Elks Lodge (my dad was an officer there and bingo caller) but the fire got so close to the Lodge and the famous Hopetown (look it up, quite famous because many old time westerns were filmed there) that they canceled everything. So while yeah we do get warmer weather then we used to, fires have been an issue for me in California my whole life.

Thursday Rambles, September 12, 2019

In my continuing saga of our garage door, it has been officially ordered through the garage door company contracted through Costco. It says it can take 4-6 weeks to order it, so I sure hope it’s on the shorter side of the four weeks. The guy put estimated completion date November 06, which is EIGHT weeks, so let’s hope that’s not actually true. They had the lowest price, plus we get a $200 Costco Gift card. Guess I wasn’t kidding that much when I joked to M about it being done in time for Christmas.

I am almost done with the conclusion of clueless Spock and yes there is a happy ending after all. Then it’s the last one in October. Sorry for any delays, but today at work, well, I worked. HA HA

As you know, or should recall, we are moving from our current building which we’ve been at for like I don’t know 30 years. I’ve been there myself for a number of years, though not the whole 30 obviously. This is a HUGE change for all of us. It’s only a few blocks away but in a new area with new parking and new building and smaller desks and well…at it’s now less than three weeks. We go to the new office beginning September 30th! So we are packing and doing crazy shit right now.

So I do apologize. I am trying to get out as much as I can on AO3. I did um…what did I do? The Space in My Bed and Our So-Called Life. Yes, that’s right.

Friday’s a new song flash. Let’s just say it’s a song from the 1970s! WOO HOO.

On the drive home I was listening to the radio and they played Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield (who flung his sweat on me one day but that’s another story) and I was singing it as Uhura’s Boy! HA HA HA. Instead of where can I find a woman like that, it became “Where Can I Find a Vulcan like That?”

Anyway, that’s not the song, obviously! HA HA

Sunday Night Rambles, May 05, 2019

In case you missed it, I posted a new chapter for Primal Lust. I also posted three chapters of The Thought of You is Consuming Me, my Pinto Regency. This will be seven chapters total. I am already on chapter 6, so it should all be finished by next weekend.

For Spirk, I will be on The Ties That Bind next but not sure when that will be. I still need to catch up on some flash fic stuff. I probably will not post anything to AO3 tomorrow except the Pinto stuff. And considering I’d like to finish the Pinto story soon, Spirk might wait an extra day or two.

Tomorrow is a fasting day, bluck.

Tuesday we have tickets to see Avengers: Endgame.

This coming weekend is Mother’s Day and we’ve made arrangements to go to a steakhouse on that day. Will be fun.

I didn’t get my 10,000 steps in yesterday but I did today, so that’s a win. We had shrimp tacos and homemade refried beans today in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

JJ and I had a glass of wine together Saturday, me with my dry Sauvignon Blanc and JJ with her super sweet Moscato. I think I like enjoyed mine more than she hers, but she was a good sport!

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That’s it for now.

Rambles April 18 2019

Today is the last day of the week for me at work. I had to drive my own ass in today too because M gets off 2 hours early from his job since for them, tomorrow is a holiday. For me it’ s a vacation day.

Our plans are to sleep in, then go to breakfast. Then I need to make a trip to a candy store to finish off my Easter baskets. After that it’s home so that M can put our new light fixtures in our bathroom. The ones in there now over the vanities are original from when our townhome was built in the 1980s. They started going bad a while ago and now none of them work at all. They are all the same in our bathroom, the spare, and the one downstairs. We bought four new ones, two for our bathroom, and one each for the others as they all needed replacing. Anyway, wish us luck because obviously we are not electricians!

As you know, Sunday is Easter, and I’m going to the family’s that day. Not sure yet what my plans are for Saturday other than sleeping! Ha.

I updated My Heart’s a Virgin, so that’s something. I also got the first flash for May done. I’m hoping to get another flash for May done today. We’ll see how that goes. Next up in regular updates is still All I Ever Wanted. But I am in no real hurry to update it, so that’s a wait and see also.

And that’s basically where I am at right now. Hope everyone has a good weekend and Easter, etc.

Rambles, April 11, 2019

As you all know Bitter Frost is done. Makes me think I should write a fic where Captain Kirk meets a Pre-Surak ancestor of Spock in the ancient past. Ha. No. Kidding.

In other news , The Ties That Bind was updated today. And I am nearly finished with the next chapter of The Swap. That will go up tomorrow.

I’ll probably move on to the second chapter of the Pinto Regency fic I wrote and deleted more than a year ago, The Thought of You is Consuming Me. I know some of you aren’t interested in Pinto fics, but note the title of this blog, ha ha. I already wrote the first chapter, so for the Pinto de Mayo thing, I want a second chapter done. It won’t be finished by then, though, the fic, not the chapter. For those of you who do enjoy Pinto, I know you are pleased.

I’m busy on Saturday, so no writing then. Not sure what Sunday will bring. I’ll alert you to next weeks updates on Monday.

Thank you for your continual support.

Monday Rambles

Upcoming this week in updates will be the next chapter of Best Friends (as I have promised this will be completed by March 31st and I absolutely mean that), Transfer Request, The Ties That Bind, a Flash, and perhaps a new chapter of Kirk’s Children. Those are my plans for the week, writing wise.

I have so many stories in my head, I am trying not to bombard you with new ones too much but know they are out there and coming.

The best part of the time change is the more day light. I absolutely hate November and December when I come home at 5 and it’s dark.

My moving my sister’s rug has been changed until Saturday the 16th due to the possibility of rain this past weekend. I think that will finally be the end of the rain. Spring will be here soon and I can’t wait. I am tired of winter!

On the nearing conclusion list is When I Loved You, so look for that in the next couple of weeks too. Bitter Frost will only have a few more to go too. I am sad about that because I want that Jim to be happy with a boy but it’s just not going to happen for him. I might be ending My Heart’s a Virgin within the next month to two months too. So there are endings coming, to be replaced by new, of course. But I think you should all be pleased at how often I update something!

Otherwise, nothing supery dupery new to report. M leaves on the 29th for a week. During that time I also have an eye doctor appointment. Yes, we live such exciting lives!

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