Upcoming this week in updates will be the next chapter of Best Friends (as I have promised this will be completed by March 31st and I absolutely mean that), Transfer Request, The Ties That Bind, a Flash, and perhaps a new chapter of Kirk’s Children. Those are my plans for the week, writing wise.

I have so many stories in my head, I am trying not to bombard you with new ones too much but know they are out there and coming.

The best part of the time change is the more day light. I absolutely hate November and December when I come home at 5 and it’s dark.

My moving my sister’s rug has been changed until Saturday the 16th due to the possibility of rain this past weekend. I think that will finally be the end of the rain. Spring will be here soon and I can’t wait. I am tired of winter!

On the nearing conclusion list is When I Loved You, so look for that in the next couple of weeks too. Bitter Frost will only have a few more to go too. I am sad about that because I want that Jim to be happy with a boy but it’s just not going to happen for him. I might be ending My Heart’s a Virgin within the next month to two months too. So there are endings coming, to be replaced by new, of course. But I think you should all be pleased at how often I update something!

Otherwise, nothing supery dupery new to report. M leaves on the 29th for a week. During that time I also have an eye doctor appointment. Yes, we live such exciting lives!