Tomorrow I will be posting a flash fic that I am pretty sure will eventually be included in a longer fic. I confess that I chose the prompt for both myself and my friend Kris, who can be found here, because I wanted to write about this. When I say longer, I am actually thinking maybe a one shot that is several thousand words (not like tens of thousands mind you) and I will likely post it all at once instead of in bits, but we shall see.

Here is a hint of who will be featured in the flash fic.


I found a way to further distract myself by games. Most of you who regularly read me here know I was playing a game called Fishdom. I had to give that up because I was spending far too much time and money on it. I deleted the app from my phone. But on my computer I play a world-building game called Elevenar, which I love (and yes I spend money on it too). I love it much more than Fishdom and so since I felt something had to go, I chose Fishdom. But then yesterday while I was off, I discovered I could purchase and download one of my all-time favorite Final Fantasy games to play on my computer. This would be Finally Fantasy 4.

For those curious here is the order of my favorite Final Fantasy games, they are:

Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 4

Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 7

There you have it! HA.

Anyway, with Final Fantasy 4 at least it was a one time purchase and I don’t have to keep adding money to play. I got it all loaded and ready last night right before bed but then I had to hit the hay as it were so I am anxious to play tonight.

All this, will, of course, delay updating fan fiction stories.

I have been told my new glasses are ready at my eye doctor so I will likely pick them up on the way home tonight. They are supposed to be particular good with computers and since I live my life on them both at work and at home I decided to give them a try. Not cheap though but at least my insurance paid for part of it.

Having a BBQ on Saturday afternoon which means socializing, alas. Food will be good though.

That’s the happenings for now.