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Doing Better, Thank You

And back to work tomorrow. I always feel vaguely guilty being out sick as I have a ton of work, but, that’s the way it goes.

Found these wild flowers on a walk the other day and thought I’d share their pictures. Nature has more beautiful colors than any manufacturer can come up for their products, I think.

I got Cadet Ashayam updated so that’s a load off my mind. I am working on Every Four Years Later to appear on February 29th on the Archive rather than the blog. I did finish all my flashes for February already so yay me.

I don’t know what I’m going to do for March yet as far as Flashes because of the T’hy’la Bang story. I have started it. I am not allowed to tell you anything about it, not even the title, which I do have (it’s a song title, I think I can tell you THAT much). You may only get sporadic flashes, it’s really going to depend how confident I feel about the Bang story as I get through February.

PLUS I still have my regular stories to update. I think next up is My Heart Wants to Sigh, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

Meanwhile, Friday I have a birthday party to go to after work. Yippee…not.

Er…pretty sure that’s enough to ramble about for now. It’s warm this week here. Don’t need the groundhog to tell us Spring is here!

Oh…PS. I watched a couple of episodes of DS9 while sick and I just have to say that their theme music is just absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday Night Rambles, May 05, 2019

In case you missed it, I posted a new chapter for Primal Lust. I also posted three chapters of The Thought of You is Consuming Me, my Pinto Regency. This will be seven chapters total. I am already on chapter 6, so it should all be finished by next weekend.

For Spirk, I will be on The Ties That Bind next but not sure when that will be. I still need to catch up on some flash fic stuff. I probably will not post anything to AO3 tomorrow except the Pinto stuff. And considering I’d like to finish the Pinto story soon, Spirk might wait an extra day or two.

Tomorrow is a fasting day, bluck.

Tuesday we have tickets to see Avengers: Endgame.

This coming weekend is Mother’s Day and we’ve made arrangements to go to a steakhouse on that day. Will be fun.

I didn’t get my 10,000 steps in yesterday but I did today, so that’s a win. We had shrimp tacos and homemade refried beans today in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

JJ and I had a glass of wine together Saturday, me with my dry Sauvignon Blanc and JJ with her super sweet Moscato. I think I like enjoyed mine more than she hers, but she was a good sport!

Photo by Creative Vix on

That’s it for now.

Rambles April 18 2019

Today is the last day of the week for me at work. I had to drive my own ass in today too because M gets off 2 hours early from his job since for them, tomorrow is a holiday. For me it’ s a vacation day.

Our plans are to sleep in, then go to breakfast. Then I need to make a trip to a candy store to finish off my Easter baskets. After that it’s home so that M can put our new light fixtures in our bathroom. The ones in there now over the vanities are original from when our townhome was built in the 1980s. They started going bad a while ago and now none of them work at all. They are all the same in our bathroom, the spare, and the one downstairs. We bought four new ones, two for our bathroom, and one each for the others as they all needed replacing. Anyway, wish us luck because obviously we are not electricians!

As you know, Sunday is Easter, and I’m going to the family’s that day. Not sure yet what my plans are for Saturday other than sleeping! Ha.

I updated My Heart’s a Virgin, so that’s something. I also got the first flash for May done. I’m hoping to get another flash for May done today. We’ll see how that goes. Next up in regular updates is still All I Ever Wanted. But I am in no real hurry to update it, so that’s a wait and see also.

And that’s basically where I am at right now. Hope everyone has a good weekend and Easter, etc.

Rambles, April 11, 2019

As you all know Bitter Frost is done. Makes me think I should write a fic where Captain Kirk meets a Pre-Surak ancestor of Spock in the ancient past. Ha. No. Kidding.

In other news , The Ties That Bind was updated today. And I am nearly finished with the next chapter of The Swap. That will go up tomorrow.

I’ll probably move on to the second chapter of the Pinto Regency fic I wrote and deleted more than a year ago, The Thought of You is Consuming Me. I know some of you aren’t interested in Pinto fics, but note the title of this blog, ha ha. I already wrote the first chapter, so for the Pinto de Mayo thing, I want a second chapter done. It won’t be finished by then, though, the fic, not the chapter. For those of you who do enjoy Pinto, I know you are pleased.

I’m busy on Saturday, so no writing then. Not sure what Sunday will bring. I’ll alert you to next weeks updates on Monday.

Thank you for your continual support.

Sunday Ramblings, 11/25/2018

Last night I went with the family to a Christmas Lights Display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library that happens to be in our city. Above are some pictures from the displays. It cost about $17 to get in for this and I thought, that while nice, it was overpriced for how many lights they had.

My week off is over and it’s back to work tomorrow. Had a much better Thanksgiving this year than last and so far (knock on wood) I am not sick.

Decorated our place for Christmas this year all day Friday. I do mean all day. Next weekend we do the family’s house.

I’ve written a few more flash fics to get ahead on them. I’m working on a Christmasy one now that I expect to finish today and that will get me ahead through December 14th if I get it done. Yay!

Unfortunately, I have not finished my Christmas fic but am determined to do so this week. I don’t know when I will post it, but it will be ready when I do.

I did start a new One-Shot Part 6 on AO3 for those who didn’t get the notice. There are still issues with it.

I updated The Experiment and Hello Darkness, My Old Friend this week. Since I am skipping The Sight for now, next up is Nine Lives. But I’d like to wait for the Christmas story to be finished first. I am ignoring the T’hy’la bang story for now but I will be getting to that again very soon.

The damn wind is back again today. We’ve had chilly mornings though. There’s a chance of rain on Wednesday and Thursday, so we shall see. The other day it did rain overnight.

I started my Christmas movie viewing on Thanksgiving with Miracle on the 34th Street. I also have started to listen to Christmas music. Funny story. I wanted the song, Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms added to my Amazon Music Christmas Playlist on Prime. Somehow when I added it, it added three greatest hits albums by him to my Music. I had like 68 songs. I was like WTF. It was a total pain getting them back off, let me tell you!

Anyway, that is it for now. Have a great week.

Monday Ramblings, November 05, 2018


Okay, so this past weekend I updated both When I Loved You and Didn’t We Almost Have it All. And did a one-shot called Seriously. Not bad. Wasn’t sure I was going to get to update anything this weekend.

During the week I will try to get an update to my Kirk family story, The Ties That Bind. One may wonder where Spock is in this story. He’s coming. I promise. That’s the last one that hasn’t been updated since September. So I’m making progress.

Where My Demons Hide comes after that and I am on the course for the end for that one. I hope to have it finished soonish. Maybe when I get to it, I will just write it to the end. Maybe not. Because, I also need to finish the Christmas story and get serious on the T’hy’la Bang story.

The good news for those last two is they will be finished when posted. A really hard thing for me folks! HA.

Wednesday is Outlaw King day, so that means a certain actor’s penis. Yes, I will be watching. Duh. The movie is apparently violent but we shall see how that goes. I just want to see him, beard and all, LOL.

No movie this week as there’s nothing really out we want to see. I did finally see Halloween. I liked it. There were some head scratching moments, I will not deny. But for the most part, it was decent. Not It decent, but decent. Speaking of King, I also saw they are remaking Pet Semetary. I swear they can’t come up with anything new to make.

As I write this, my lower back is killing me. It’s hell getting old, you know?



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