Last night I went with the family to a Christmas Lights Display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library that happens to be in our city. Above are some pictures from the displays. It cost about $17 to get in for this and I thought, that while nice, it was overpriced for how many lights they had.

My week off is over and it’s back to work tomorrow. Had a much better Thanksgiving this year than last and so far (knock on wood) I am not sick.

Decorated our place for Christmas this year all day Friday. I do mean all day. Next weekend we do the family’s house.

I’ve written a few more flash fics to get ahead on them. I’m working on a Christmasy one now that I expect to finish today and that will get me ahead through December 14th if I get it done. Yay!

Unfortunately, I have not finished my Christmas fic but am determined to do so this week. I don’t know when I will post it, but it will be ready when I do.

I did start a new One-Shot Part 6 on AO3 for those who didn’t get the notice. There are still issues with it.

I updated The Experiment and Hello Darkness, My Old Friend this week. Since I am skipping The Sight for now, next up is Nine Lives. But I’d like to wait for the Christmas story to be finished first. I am ignoring the T’hy’la bang story for now but I will be getting to that again very soon.

The damn wind is back again today. We’ve had chilly mornings though. There’s a chance of rain on Wednesday and Thursday, so we shall see. The other day it did rain overnight.

I started my Christmas movie viewing on Thanksgiving with Miracle on the 34th Street. I also have started to listen to Christmas music. Funny story. I wanted the song, Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms added to my Amazon Music Christmas Playlist on Prime. Somehow when I added it, it added three greatest hits albums by him to my Music. I had like 68 songs. I was like WTF. It was a total pain getting them back off, let me tell you!

Anyway, that is it for now. Have a great week.