I’ve now written and scheduled all my flash fics/one-shots for the rest of 2018. Basically they will be published here on Fridays and then in My One-Shot Collection on AO3 on the weekends. I’ll be continuing the Flash Fics in 2019 so if there’s something you’d be interested in seeing in 2019 please let me know in the comments (no guarantees though). I will be doing a Pinto one already, probably in January, as requested.

Here’s what’s coming this year:

Friday, November 30 – Home, a Holiday spent on New Vulcan

Friday, December 07 – Stuck With Me, Jim is dying on a planet, what can Spock do to save him?

Friday, December 14 – Trashing the Tree, a Starfleet Academy meeting between Cadet Kirk and Professor Spock

Friday, December 21 – Mirror Christmas, a visit with Mirror Spock and Kirk from Going Boldly.

Friday, December 28 – Wonderful Life, Jim learns what would have happened if he’d never been born.

Hope you will enjoy! I can’t wait for you to read them.