Grumpy Luna Says Hi

Okay so had a pretty lazy weekend. Didn’t write much, I am sorry to say. You saw what I wrote on The Love of a Lifetime, and other than a single paragraph on Where Do People Like Us Float, that was it man. I opened The Experiment and closed it again.

So, yeah, first up this week will be a chapter of The Experiment, hopefully. I am also going to try to finish Revealing, but if not, you might get another Flash with Surak. Also, up this week is the next chapter of Bitter Frost. When last we left our heroes the Joker had the caped crusaders over a vat of boiling oil. Oh sorry, lapsed into the Batman and Robin 60s television show. Jim had discovered Spock has green blood.

We finally saw the sun again this week though it remains cold for us. Rained some more on Friday though. We’re looking at 50s during the day and 30s at night for the next week or so.

My special dinner turned out great. M has a cold though so no sexy times, damn it.

That’s about it for now. Don’t think there’s anything at the movies we want to see but we have a lot of shows and stuff to catch up on at home, so we shall see!