Revealing has been moved to AO3. It can no longer be found here.

Today I updated Bitter Frost. My poor past Jim is tugging on my heartstrings. Also wrote a flash for Friday, so hopefully, you look forward to that.

Up next for updating is Nine Lives. Hopefully I can get to it in the next day or so. I’ll see if there’s anything else I can get to but I’m feeling a little crazy right now. But I promise I will keep updating something at least.

Saturday night we are going to some bingo event with the sister she asked us to go to. You don’t win money, I think just prizes. It’s a charity thing.

I greatly look forward to the weekend even so. I’m struggling a little this week mentally and I’m not even sure why, but I keep looking ahead to the weekend and sleeping and chilling (maybe literally because it’s still cold HA)

I ordered more of my current obsession. These cookies with buttercream frosting. I had them at Christmas and loved them. I resisted ordering more for V Day but I did order Shamrock shapes for St Pat’s Day with bright green frosting. I need cookies like I need a hole…well you know.

Another current obsession is watching the Kids Baking Championship from Food Network. They are so darn cute! And they are always crying when they mess up. Poor sweet kids.

No I haven’t watched I Am the Night yet but I have 5 episodes DVRd so far. I did finally watch 4 episodes of Zach’s In Search of and I have I think 3 to go. I think there were originally 8 but my DVR helpfully (not) ate an episode.

And that’s it from my neck of the woods.