I have finally started the final chapter of Love of a Lifetime. It’s going to take some time to finish it, but here is the first part.

Spock could not deny he was anxious about Suvoc speaking with Jim without his presence. He trusted their son and knew that Suvoc would do nothing to hurt Jim, not intentionally anyway. But Spock had become more than just Jim’s bondmate and husband, he was his guardian, and leaving him alone with anyone went against everything Spock had become.

He hovered anxiously. Pacing in the apartment when he could no longer stand still.

He could hear Ronan speaking softly in another room, obviously communicating with someone outside their circle.

Spock stopped outside the bedroom he shared with Jim and reached out through their bond to ascertain Jim’s emotional state. Jim did not seem frightened or upset, but neither was he getting any positive emotion from his husband. Just neutrality.

He turned and went into the kitchen to pour himself tea. Spock had time to wonder if perhaps his need to protect and care for Jim had led to obsession. He did not know. He could not bear Jim being hurt in anyway. Coming home the night when his meeting had run late to find Jim in such a state had convinced Spock that he might not be able to leave Jim alone any longer. And then when Jim had gotten lost after that, Spock had become even more convinced. Losing Jim was not at all something Spock was prepared to do. Not at this point. Not ever, actually, but he knew it was likely he would someday.

There had been a time Spock had hoped Khan’s blood would keep his T’hy’la alive much longer than he would normally be expected, but the tests Leonard had done prior to his own passing had not revealed that to be the case.

The door opened to the bedroom, and Spock set his cup down, hurrying over to see the result of Suvoc’s visit with Spock.

The two emerged together. Suvoc had his arm linked with Jim’s, his expression very soft, gentle and affectionate. Jim had a slight smile on his face. Spock did not yet give in to relief.

“Jim?” he ventured.

“We’re going to New Vulcan, Spock,” Jim announced with a look at Suvoc.

“I have convinced Father that the healers seek to help him. With your permission, Sa-Mekh, we will all leave for New Vulcan tomorrow. Ronan and I will make the arrangements.”

Spock went to Jim then, removing his son from Jim’s side, aware he was doing so, perhaps, possessively.

“You are sure, Adun?”

Jim smiled, his blue eyes bright and clear, no confusion visible. “I’m sure. Maybe it will actually help.”

Spock hoped so too, but he was concerned that both Jim and Suvoc could get their hopes up for nothing. Suvoc could deal with it, Spock was sure, but Jim…he feared not. And Spock, himself, he was not sure if he could deal with the disappointment that there might not be any hope for Jim. He drew Jim into his arms and held him close. “Let us go then. Tomorrow.”