If you can stand another post from me, here it is!

Of course today I posted a short story called Always Shall Be on AO3. Most of you have already read it. I was contacted on tumblr last night by a reader who follows me there and discovered my secret identity (kidding). Anyway, she asked if I would write something to go with her Spirk art and I agreed. Fortunately she was okay with just a short piece because I just don’t have time for long requests right now.

I finished the next chapter of All I Ever Wanted and I will post that tomorrow to give anyone who wants to read Always Shall Be a chance to focus on that. I’ll probably add the other Valentine story I did to my one-shot collection either tonight or tomorrow as well. The one with the Vulcan card. I swear I can’t even remember what I called it anymore. Ugh, Anyway, I posted it here last Friday!

Long time followers know that me and M aren’t huge huge on V Day. I got him a small present (candy) and he’s making me dinner. But he’s not making it until Friday because we have our WW meeting tomorrow. I requested chicken and mushroom pie (it’s an English thing made with puff pastry) and mashed potatoes. He is also going to make me Pot Au Creme (some fancy creamy custardy lovebird dessert, ha)

I got my one-shot done for Friday and it’s super dupery cute if I do say so myself. Hope you guys will like it.

I may get some garage cleaning done this weekend. We shall see. It’s supposed to rain through Friday and again possibly Sunday, so it’s a small window of opportunity there. We’ve had a rainy season so far. And COLD for us. We’ve had more fires in our fireplace (M’s mistake on NY’s notwithstanding) this year than we’ve had in the last ten, I swear. Tonight I am off to Target and will likely buy a couple more logs.

And that is definitely it for now (well until Friday obviously)