There are stories I want to write. I also want to write the second part of Hello Darkness. It will be set about 6 years in the future. I am thinking of combining it with a previous idea I had with the song ‘Dancing on My Own’, so that when Jim becomes the captain of the Enterprise after not seeing Spock all these years, he finds Spock is with Uhura. I haven’t fully decided on this yet because at the end of Hello Darkness Spock does call Jim his T’hy’la. Men, as we know, are stupid though, so we will see. I also said I would take up ‘The Thought of You is Consuming Me’ again, which was my Regency/Victorian set Pinto story I deleted. I also want to write the one that began in First Footing that was requested by a reader. And others, too. My head is spinning with ideas.

But I can’t write any of those until I give my readers and myself some relief on current stories. I just hope the ideas and mojo doesn’t leave for those unwritten stories.

My plan is to have The Experiment finished in the not too distant future. Perhaps only a few more chapters more. I’m also thinking of ending My Heart’s a Virgin sooner rather than later. Nine Lives will be done, hopefully, before the summer and, perhaps, Bitter Frost, as well. That’s the potential of 4 stories (If I know how to count, ha)

I also need to finish The Love of a Lifetime.

As for, Didn’t We Have it All. Well. On the one hand the guys are together, finally, but I don’t know if I am at the point where I want to say goodbye to them.

Anyway, so I plan to get some of that stuff done before tackling on another. I also have Revealing to finish here, but I will be honest, it won’t be this week. I am sorry. I’ll have something else up on Friday. I know…I suck.

Work is crazy too right now, so I am busy busy here. Anyway, that’s it for now!