The start of another week is upon us.

And being Southern California,  we are in another heat wave. Hundred again. Go us. LOL

I got a lot done last week for writing, or at least I felt like I did. This week I will try to update When I Loved You, Idiots in Love, and Bonding. I’d like to get Anything updated as well but trying not to kill myself.

One of my favorite songs is Exile by Enya

Cold as the northern winds
in December mornings,
Cold is the cry that rings
from this far distand shore.
Winter has come too late
too close beside me.
How can I chase away
all these fears deep inside?
I’ll wait the signs to come.
I’ll find a way
I will wait the time to come.
I’ll find a way home.
My light shall be the moon
and my path – the ocean.
My guide the morning star
as I sail home to you.
I’ll wait the signs to come.
I’ll find a way.
I will wait the time to come.
I’ll find a way home.
Who then can warm my soul?
Who can quell my passion?
Out of these dreams a boat
I will sail home to you.
It haunts me. When I was much younger than I am now I thought about writing this huge epic medieval story set in Ireland. I imagined writing this whole scene during a battle where the main character’s best friend and fellow warrior is killed and this song would be playing in the background, as my hero sees his friend die before him. My hero, Duncan, would fall beside his fallen friend and weep in devastation. It should have been a movie or something. LOL
Anyway as I listen to it now, it could fit Jim, I think. AOS Jim anyway. I think so.
I spent a lot of my youth listening to haunting Enya songs. Even to this day my music choices baffle Milo because he thinks they are all depressing.
Anyway, coming up this weekend is the 92 birthday. Woo. Wonder if I will make it that long.