“Please.” Spock’s eyes were pleading. “Do not.”

“Spock, baby, I’m not trying to upset you.”

“But you are. Every time you bring this up it pains me greatly. As a Vulcan, you are my mate, my husband, my link to everything, until one of us dies. Asking me to put you away in some cold, stark, lonely place is like asking me cut off a piece of me.”

“I thought Vulcans didn’t do dramatics.”

“Jim. Please. My control is not what it once was and I—”

He turned away but not before I saw that his eyes were filling with tears. And just like that I felt like the biggest asshole in the universe making my Vulcan husband cry.

“Oh, Spock, honey, I’m sorry.” I went to him then, putting my arms around him. He hugged me back fiercely. “You win, babe. We won’t be separated. Ever.”