Currently I am working on off Archive stuff. The 100 Words and The Sight.

Next up on Archive stories is Where My Demons Hide. I’m delaying working on it for a number of reasons, but the most relevant here is that I want to take Jim to a very dark place next and I’m not really sure how well that will go over with readers. I really can’t get the idea of what I want to do out of my head, so I am torn. I suppose I could write it and then “delete it” and consider it as a “deleted scene” like they do in movies (for example the scene where Amanda and Sarek welcome baby Spock, or Amanda tells Sarek she’s not happy with his response to Spock’s bullying, or the part where Sam leaves and Jim tells Frank he doesn’t want Sam to leave and Frank says what Jim wants is nothing because he is nothing).

Anyway, that’s where I am at, so…right now it’s stalled.

I updated a lot lately on there anyway so it’s cool. It’s time to let others shine on there with their updates.

Not sure when I will have chapter 3 of The Sight up but the next part of 100 Words is up tomorrow, Tuesday.

I took Friday off of work, so I have a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day Weekend. I am greatly looking forward to it.

This week we will finally see The Avengers. We never saw the original Deadpool so that’s not on our agenda and none of us is eager to see Solo, so that may push us next into whatever comes out in June after this. We shall see.