Chapter 2

Spock was sitting at his terminal working on a missive to his father when Leonard suddenly appeared in the doorway. His hair was still damp from his recent shower.

“You changed your hair.”

“Yes,” Spock acknowledged. “It was Jim’s idea. He said I should adopt a more casual look.”

“It looks good and all but I gotta say it’s hard to get used to. I’ve only ever known you with that Vulcan cut you all have.”

Spock nodded. “When we get to New Vulcan, I will return to that look.”

“That’s still on, huh?”


“A year here and then a year there.”

“Yes.” Spock leaned back in his chair and observed the doctor. He looked tired and sad. From seeing him only a few months ago, there were new lines upon his face. Perhaps Jim had been wise to invite him. Even if it meant giving up their precious alone time. “Do you have an objection?”

“No.” Leonard entered the room which Jim had declared was their office/game room. Apparently it had been Sam’s old bedroom. “I’ll have to send hypos with Jim, though. For breathing.”

“Naturally. I will make sure with you that he has enough before our departure and I will administer them as needed.”

Leonard glanced around. “What is this room exactly?”

“Jim calls it an office-game room.”

“Games?” He shook his head and then walked over to the replica of the Captain’s chair from the Enterprise Jim had ordered. “What game does he use this for?”

Spock blushed and looked away.

“Oh, geez. Sorry I asked. God, he’s incorrigible.”

“I suspect you have known that all along, doctor.”

“Where is the infant anyway?”

Spock resisted a smile. “He went for a walk.”

Leonard walked over to the window and looked out at the growing darkness with a frown. “Looks cold and dark. Surprised you let him go alone.”

Spock hit send on the message to his father. “There is little danger on our own property.”

“That sounds like something he said.”

“It is,” Spock agreed. He steepled his fingers together. “There are times he seeks solitude and while I am…reluctant to accept it, I can offer no reasonable objection.”

“He ruminates. He’s done that ever since I’ve known him. Gets all wrapped up in his own head.”

“Yes.” Spock rose from behind his desk. “I should check on the dinner.”

Leonard followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Mind if I make some coffee?”

“I do not. Help yourself.”

Leonard smirked as he watched Spock raise the lid off the pot of vegetarian chili and stir it. “You sure are domesticated. Never thought I’d see it.”

“Nor did I,” Spock admitted. “They offered him the position of admiral working in the strategic division of Starfleet in San Francisco, but he turned it down.”

“Yeah, I know. He told me he didn’t want to sit behind a desk.” Leonard switched the coffeemaker on and it began to grind the whole beans he had placed within it. “Gotta admit it would have been strange to see him like that. But this.” He waved. “Is pretty strange too.”

“There have been many times over the last few years where we have both been forced to endure the almost death of each other. And in his case, he did die once.” Spock shook his head. “What he wanted was another command in space, on the Enterprise. Even though he spoke of the continuing dangers.”

“But they wouldn’t give it to him.”

“He has done more than enough for the Federation.”

“You won’t get any argument from me. He deserves this rest, this domesticated life with you. I just wonder how long it will be good enough for him.” Leonard opened cabinets searching for a mug. He found one and took it out. “He gets bored easily.”

Spock certainly knew that.

The back door opened before he could say anything else and Jim reentered the house. He’d only left with a light coat on and as he came inside he was rubbing his hands together and his cheeks were bright red.

“Damn! It’s getting cold out there.”

Jim went immediately over to Spock and pushed himself into Spock’s personal space. “Want to warm me up, honey?”

As usual he felt something flutter in his heart whenever Jim used an endearment for him. He was likely blushing too. He pulled Jim close nevertheless.

“You are frozen, t’hy’la.”

“Hey, don’t forget I’m standing right here,” Leonard said.

“Hey Bones.”

“You need a shave by the way,” Leonard mumbled. “Coffee?”

“Please. And as for a shave? I’m retired. I don’t need to look all polished.”

“Your hairs too long too.”

“Blah blah blah.  Spock thinks I’m hot like this this. Don’t you, Spock?”

“You are very pleasing in appearance.”

“See?” Jim kissed him. Then with a laugh released him to remove his jacket and hang it on the rack. “It’s probably going to snow in a few days or so. Hope you brought some warm clothes, Bones.”

“I wasn’t born yesterday, you know. I know all about that crap.” He handed Jim his coffee, full of cream and sugar just like he knew Jim liked.

“Thanks, Bones.” He glanced at the dining room table. “Come sit with me. You need any help, babe?”

“Negative,” Spock assured him. It would be ready in less than a half hour, so Spock left them to their conversation and returned to the office to do more correspondence.


“I can’t get Bones to talk to me,” Jim told Spock that night as they prepared for bed. “I mean he’s talking, sure, but he won’t talk about the divorce or how he feels or any of that.”

Spock watched in blatant appreciation as his mate pushed his jeans down his legs and to the floor.

“It is no doubt difficult under the circumstances. It has never been easy for Leonard to express himself.”

“Yeah, I know. But still.” Jim shucked his shirt and tossed it to the floor where he’d left his jeans. Spock bent over and picked them up to take them over to the hamper. “I bet she cheated on him.”

“You do not know that as Leonard has not said.”

“I know. But the divorce was his idea and that’s definitely something he wouldn’t tolerate.” Jim sat on the edge of the bed and slid his boxer briefs off rendering him completely, beautifully nude. As well as half-hard.

“You are becoming aroused,” Spock pointed out.

“You’re staring at me. Of course I am.” Jim licked his lips and Spock zeroed in on the gesture. “Get naked already, would you?”

Spock definitely would.

A few moments later, he had Jim on the bed underneath him, thoughts of Leonard and his divorce far away from either of their minds.

“We have to be quiet, by the way,” Jim reminded Spock as Spock went to suck a bruise on his collarbone.

Spock paused. “What?”

“Bones is right down the hall, babe, and you, um, you get kind of loud.”

“I do not,” Spock denied.

“Do so,” Jim returned with a teasing grin. “Now shut the hell up and fuck me.”

Spock slipped generously lubed fingers inside his mate, pushing them in deeply to thoroughly coat Jim’s channel.

Jim moaned.

“Shh,” Spock said with a raised eyebrow. He pressed his lips onto Jim’s, who hungrily returned the kiss. Jim was always a desperate kisser. Kissing like he was unsure if he would ever get the chance to do so again, so he would make the most of it. His kisses were intense and all-consuming and they always did illogical things to Spock.

He was achingly hard and throbbing and needy for Jim. Wanting to join their bodies, to mate, to take him, this Human who belonged to him.

He put his hand to Jim’s face. “T’hy’la,” he begged.

“Yes, do it,” Jim replied, pushing up against Spock.

He slipped into Jim’s mind just as he slipped into his body, pushing in deep and past the loosening ring of muscle.

“Fuck, Spock,” Jim groaned.

He rubbed against the bristle of whiskers on Jim’s jaw and then ran his tongue along them to Jim’s rounded ear as he began to pump slow and deep into this mate’s ass.

Since they had retired from Starfleet not a day went by when they didn’t copulate. Spock was usually as eager as Jim to indulge. In the shower, in the bed, on the kitchen table, in the captain’s chair replica in the game room, once on the stairs, over the couch, outside in the field before the weather turned too cold, in the upper loft of the barn. Wherever and whenever. And if that made him hedonistic, well, then that was what he was.

With McCoy here, they would have to restrict themselves to the bed and shower, but Spock could live with that…for now.

He grabbed Jim’s hand with the hand that was not joined to Jim’s mind and brought both of their hands to Jim’s erection. Together they slid down the hard length, over and over until Jim could not stop the needy, heady whimper.

“Yes,” Spock cried. “Give me everything, ashaya.”

Jim shifted, tilting his pelvis in a way that allowed Spock to thrust deeper into him and Spock groaned, closing his eyes against the near overwhelming ecstasy. The bed rocked with their movements, hitting the wall, and though Spock supposed he should care, he did not. He pushed harder, thrust deeper and faster, rubbed Jim’s slicked, hard cock, until he drew out a throaty mewl not unlike a cat’s.

“Taluhk nash-veh k’dular,” he yelled, as he could hold back his orgasm no more, pouring himself into Jim’s clenching channel. Jim pulsed in his hand and then ropes of cum splattered out over his hand and onto the bed.

For a long time afterward, even after he withdrew from Jim’s body, he kept their meld, and just lay there holding and kissing his t’hy’la. Their joined minds hummed warm and content within each other, glowing with love and happiness Spock never expected to experience before he bonded with Jim.

It was Jim who eventually rose and went to the bathroom for a warm, damp cloth with which to clean the dried cum from them. Then he got back into bed next to Spock, fastening his lips to Spock’s in soft, sweet kiss that actually curled Spock’s toes.

“Love you,” Jim whispered.

He threaded his fingers through Jim’s hair. “And I you.”


When they went downstairs the next morning, Bones was already in the kitchen, Jim noted. And he had made coffee. But he would absolutely not look at the two of them.

“Oh my God, I love you,” Jim said, as Bones thrust a mug of coffee into his hands.

Bones mumbled.


“I said, the two of you need to soundproof your bedroom.” Bones blushed profusely.

Jim burst out laughing. Shook his head and took a sip of his coffee.

Then he noticed Spock going back upstairs.  He gave Bones a puzzled look.

“Think I offended him?”

“Spock? Vulcans don’t get offended,” Jim said.

“Then where’d he go?”

“Beats me. Sorry, Bones. We have a very healthy sex life.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Apparently. Maybe I should sleep on the sofa downstairs.”

“I think you’ll live,” Jim said dryly.

They turned as they heard Spock coming back down the stairs.

“Everything okay, honey?” he asked his husband.

“Indeed.” He walked over to the Bones. “Hold out your hand, doctor.”

Bones did and as Jim watched Spock placed something in Bones’ hand.

Jim scrunched up his face, trying to get a look. “What is it?”

Bones actually chuckled. “Earplugs.”

Jim doubled over, laughing, and Spock went to make his tea.