This week I have been busy updating.

I finished October Romance, updated Who’s the Daddy, Young and Beautiful and You’re in My Veins. I have also nearly completed the next chapter of Unbonded and that will go up sometime tomorrow.

Also, I wrote a Flash Fic for this week which will go live at somewhere around 4 AM Pacific Time.

Next week I plan to continue updating stories that have been waiting since September to be updated. I think for next week that means at least What Happened to Spock and When I Fall in Love. If it’s more than those, we shall see.

This weekend I will likely work on the Christmas story and the Winter Story if I work on anything at all. I have plans to do some shopping and some mindless television/movie stuff. I am back to taking the weekends off from posting unless there’s some huge pressing need to do so.

Tomorrow night, M and I are having a date at one of our favorite restaurants. They make this to die for Pumpkin Cheesecake that I will definitely be ordering.