04My prompt was a diplomatic gift that makes Spock jealous and act on his feelings for Jim.

The captain was flirting. Ridiculously, obviously flirting.

Spock was pointedly trying to ignore it but not with a lot of success. Each over done laugh or too bright smile from Kirk was grating on his nerves.

“Captain,” the beautiful blonde female Lasronian gushed to Kirk, her talon-like fingers clutching onto his arm like she was afraid he was try to get away. Spock knew better. His captain was eating up the attention. “How is it you’re unmated?”


“You must be the most gorgeous Terran I have ever seen,” she said breathlessly.

“I’m sure that must be an exaggeration,” Kirk said quickly.

“Oh, I assure you it is not.”

Spock had certainly heard enough. “The gift you spoke of presenting to Captain Kirk?”

She glanced at Spock with a slight frown, he suspected it contained both irritation and the acknowledgement that she was not alone with Kirk in her boudoir.

“Yes. The presentation.” She bit her lip. “I had thought to present it to your captain in private.”

“Far be it from me to—”

“Unfortunately, that is against Starfleet regulations,” Spock interrupted.

“Mister Spock—”

“As first officer it is my duty to ensure the captain’s safety, you understand.”

“Oh, well, Commander, I am hardly a threat to your captain, surely.”

Spock gave a slight shrug. “Protocol.”

“Very well.” She walked across the room to a table where she lifted a box from.

Spock ignored the disgruntled looks his captain was giving him.

The Lasronian returned with the box and with her cheeks slightly flushed with purple, she handed it to Kirk, who flipped open the box.

It was an elaborate golden necklace with a half- moon shaped golden gemstone.

“This is a betrothal necklace for our people,” she told Kirk, with pride in her voice.

Kirk blinked. “A-a betrothal necklace?”

“Yes.” Her smile widened as she put her hands on his arm once more. “I choose you as my mate.”

“Wait. What?”

She lifted her chin. “Since you do not have a mate, you cannot refuse per Lasronian culture.”

Kirk had gone pale and he glanced at Spock.

Spock stepped forward. “There is a misunderstanding.”


“Captain Kirk has a mate,” Spock explained carefully. “As he was about to advise you when you asked him about being unmated.”

She frowned. “He has?”

“A very jealous one.” Spock stepped carefully in front of his captain and stared down at her. “Vulcans are very possessive by nature.”

Her jaw went slack. “You are the captain’s mate?”

Spock quirked a brow. “The captain is my mate. Vulcans have telepathic bonds which cannot be broken easily. ”

She took the box out of Kirk’s hand and snapped the lid closed. To Spock’s satisfaction, she stepped back. “I see. Under the circumstances, I cannot let our sacred bonding necklace go with you, Captain.”

“I understand,” Kirk said. “It’s time that my first officer and I take our leave, Prime Minister. It has been an honor.”

“The honor is ours, Captain, Commander.”

Kirk said little as they made their way back to the Enterprise and when they made their way into the turbolift, the captain kept glancing Spock’s way.

Spock stopped its forward motion. “Yes, Captain?”

Kirk moistened his lips. “Thought Vulcans didn’t lie.”

“We do not.”

“Hm. Did you imply then?” He was smirking.

“To what do you refer?”

“All that talk about us being mates, Spock. And I completely appreciate it. I do. Having sex with her would have been one thing but I sure as hell didn’t want to marry her.” Kirk shook his head. “But you didn’t have to compromise your Vulcan principles or whatever.”

“I have not.”


“I did not lie,” Spock said carefully. He put himself in Kirk’s personal space and backed the captain up against the turbolift wall. “You are my mate and I do not appreciate your flirting.”

Kirk frowned. “What are you talking about?”

Spock raised his hand to Kirk’s face. “You are my T’hy’la.”

The captain gasped. “Your…I’ve heard that word. The older you used it.”

With his other hand, Spock touched his finger to Kirk’s. Blue eyes widened and stared at Spock in wonderment.

“Let me show you.”

Spock entered Kirk’s mind, gently, slowly, allowing his captain to get used to another presence there. He spotted the glowing golden threads reaching out for Spock and Spock met them with a soft caress as they intertwined with cool, silver threads.

“Spock,” Kirk gasped. He was shaking and Spock was holding him. He dropped his hand from Kirk’s face and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Do you see?”

Kirk smiled against Spock’s mouth. “You sure know how to make a declaration.”


“And what?” Kirk asked, drawing Spock’s lips back to his.

“Do you—”

“Wanna fuck? Oh yeah.”

“Reciprocate,” Spock said somewhat stonily. Not that he was opposed to Kirk’s suggestion. He most certainly was not.

“You were in my mind. You know I do.”

Spock growled and crushed Kirk’s mouth under his. “She had her hands all over you.”

“She was a grabby thing, wasn’t she?”

“I smell her on you. I will wash you from head to toe.”

Kirk’s tongue came out to trace his lips. His breathing was uneven and Spock could feel the hard ridge in his pants. “If you insist.”

Spock closed his hand over the nape of Kirk’s neck. “I do. And then I will learn your taste.”

He stepped back abruptly, leaving Kirk sagging against the wall as he restarted the turbolift. When the doors opened onto the floor with the officers’ quarters they came face to face with Sulu and Scott who were about to enter the lift they exited.

Kirk was flushed red but he greeted them both before he and Spock hurried down the corridor.

Sulu shook his head as the door closed. “Told you they were gay.”