Friday night we went over to the cousin’s place for dinner and a fire in her backyard fire pit afterward. I drank a little wine and forced myself to socialize.

Saturday, we went to breakfast and then I spent most of the rest of the day doing whatever I wanted. We did get a new exercise bike and I have started that, I need to do something!

In fact, the SO is going vegan. I am not, but I am changing a few things.

Sunday was another nice day, though I did do laundry and went to the grocery store.

This coming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and I am looking forward to that greatly. I think we may be seeing King Arthur this Tuesday.

To be updated next is still Anything, When I Began, and When I Fall in Love. I haven’t worked on any of them so who knows!

Chris has been looking good as he’s been doing his Wonder Woman publicity stuff so I leave you with this.