A lost article returned to it’s owner was my prompt.


“Ambassador Spock?”

Spock stiffened before turning around. It was still odd to be called ambassador. That was a title more suited to his long deceased counterpart. And yet…it was what he was now.

He turned to face the young officer.

“Yes, Ensign?”

The ensign looked impossibly young. Blond hair, blue eyes. It reminded him of—

But no.

The ensign cleared his throat. “I was going through the admiral’s things. And I found this.”

He held out his closed fist toward Spock and Spock had no choice but to open his palm to receive it.

It was a simple gold ring with Vulcan words carved into it that were far too familiar and painful now to think of. It felt heavy and burdensome in his hand now and yet he closed his fingers around it and pulled his hand close to his side.

The ensign’s tongue came out and licked at his lips. “I-I think he’d have wanted you to have it, sir.”

For a moment words were too difficult to form but Spock made himself nod. For a long time he merely stared at the young man.

Until finally, reddening slightly, the ensign turned to leave.

“Thank you, David,” Spock managed to say.

David stopped, but he did not turn around. “You’re welcome.”