So the SO got Alton Brown’s latest cookbook for Christmas. Every Day Cooking or something? I don’t know. Last March or the March before, I forget now, we actually went to his live show at the Pantages in Hollywood. I got him the tickets that Christmas before. But I digress. He got the cookbook.

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In the last week he has made two of the recipes out of it and I have loved both. I will not say what they were because I am aware those that read this are very very fussy about food and I don’t want anyone to say “Yuck” or whatever. Suffice it to say, they were both delicious!

I’ve been thinking about the last few days how so many “hero” tales have the similarity of the “mentor/father figure’ dying on the hero. There are many examples and our Kelvin/AOS Jim is among them.

Luke Skywalker loses Obi-wan


Frodo loses Gandalf – yes Gandalf didn’t really die but Frodo doesn’t know that on his quest to return the ring.


Harry Potter loses Dumbledore

(you get Richard Harris because to me he made a far superior Dumbledore)


Jim loses Captain Pike


I’m sure there are others I am just not able to think of at the moment. But it’s a common theme in hero stories I think. Just an observation I had.


I’m up to about 5000 words on my T’hy’la Big Bang story. I think I check in March 03. It has to be at least 10,000 words and so if I do stick with that length I’m already half done. Pretty cool.

Tomorrow’s another flash fic day and you can expect a sad one.