Yesterday was not an easy day for me, internet/social media-wise. It was painful and a bit humiliating. I made some mistakes and I regret those, but I am moving onward. I won’t go into any further details on here both for my own sake and anyone else involved. There’s no need to go through it.

With that in mind, today is a normal post day for me here. A post of the week.

Last week as we were leaving our house, we saw this weird light in the sky. Turns out we weren’t alone


The Navy, of course, claimed it was missile testing. We personally think it was aliens beaming up humans for experiments.

Bless him, he always tries. These ended up in my lunch last week


No, I didn’t eat them.

Friday of last week was a scary day for us weather-wise. Sinkholes, people being submerged in their cars, flooded freeways, collapsing roads, power lines landing on people. Not good. I left my building at work at 3:30 and had to seriously struggle to stay upright. The wind was hurricane strength. I white-knuckled it the whole way home but we made it, thankfully.

Today is President’s Day. I don’t have it off but he does and it was rainy and drizzly this morning. He drove me to work. Pretty nice. Our garage door is old and made of wood and when it rains it gets too heavy to open so pretty much my car was trapped in there all weekend anyway. I can’t wait for the sun.

I didn’t have a good night’s sleep because I was super wheezy all day yesterday and especially at night. I’ve been relying far too much on my inhaler lately and that’s concerning me because really asthma medicine is bad for you. There was a recent study out of Canada that said asthma is misdiagnosed a lot. Well, since I was diagnosed by a pulmonary specialist and have had breathing tests and treatments for years I am going to have to believe I wasn’t misdiagnosed. I was once tested that my lung capacity was at 40%. It’s better now obviously.

And I think that’s plenty for my ramblings this Monday.