It’s been a while since I talked about THE WINTER STORY. And there’s a reason for that. I’ve not even started it, obviously. To say I am behind on everything is probably an understatement. I meant to have less works in progress and now I have more than I can handle, really. I feel like I can’t devote the time I would need to for this story and so, for now, it’s on hold until I feel a little less overwhelmed. I definitely still want to write it. I have the plot mostly figured out and everything.

In some ways it sort of mirrors City on the Edge of Forever, but not really. I’m actually not much of a fan of that episode. Not because it’s a bad episode, but because I hate the fact that Jim falls in love with Edith right in front of Spock. And yes, I know they aren’t really together in the show blah blah blah, but you tell me Spock’s not feeling something when there’s that scene where he comes out of their apartment to see Jim in the hallway with Edith.

Anyway, my story, THE WINTER STORY, has no pain in the ass Edith characters, so no worries there, but I will be using the Guardian for certain purposes and Spock will be going back in time.

But all that doesn’t matter if I never get it done.

I did notice though on my completed works spreadsheet that I have 90 completed works. Pretty cool.

Here, once again, are my inspiring pictures for THE WINTER STORY.