The last two years I did a werewolf story. This one is related to a October 2020 one. I was told the link I added didn’t work so I have removed it. Sorry, there’s simply no way to refer back to it unless I copy and paste the entire fic from 2020 here.

“Remember when you were a werewolf?”

Jim stopped and stared at him, tamping down his nervousness. “What?” He laughed. “A werewolf?”

“For Halloween,” Bones said, giving him a funny look.

Jim noticed then that they had stopped in front of a Halloween costume store.

“I believe,” said Spock. “The accepted term is wolf shapeshifter.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Right. Anyway, you looked cool.”

Spock frowned at Jim. “I do not remember you dressing in this manner.”

“Er, yeah. It was, um, before, Spock. Before we met.”

Spock nodded his understanding. “I do recall the first time we met I saw a wild dog in the park.”

“Right. You thought you saw a dog. I remember.”

“I did see a dog,” Spock corrected. “Or a wolf.”

Jim smiled. “Anyway, that costume party was before that. Don’t know why Bones remembered it now.”

Bones looked at him, shrugged. “I guess because they’re having another party this year and we’re standing by a costume store. You going?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Depends on Spock, I guess.”

“I do not generally go in for such frivolities.”

“What a surprise,” Bones muttered.

Jim just laughed. “Anyway, if I do go it won’t be as a wolf. Last time I had a heck of a time getting rid of the flees.”

He kept walking as his friends stared after him. He laughed once more and they caught up.