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“What are those?”

Jim looked down at his plate then up at Bones. “Pumpkin rolls. Similar to cinnamon rolls but they had gooey pumpkin in them.”

Bones reached for one and Jim smacked his hand away. “Hey!”

“Did you ask if you could have one?” Jim smirked.

Bone grimaced and sat across from him in the booth. “I just wanted a bite.”

Jim reached for a knife, cut off a small bite and handed it to Bones on a napkin.

“Don’t be overly generous or anything.” Bones rolled his eyes. He popped it into his mouth and chewed. “Oh those are good. I want some.”

“I got the last.”

“Figures. Anyway that’s hardly a nutritious breakfast.”

“What are you my doctor or something?” Jim laughed. “I know. And Spock will give me a lecture when he finds out.”

“Where is lover boy?”

Jim shrugged. “Beats me. I woke up this morning and he was already gone. Came in late to bed, too.”

“Maybe he’s the boogeyman.”

Jim took a sip of coffee. “The what?”

“Well, you know, there have been all kinds of rumors about a mysterious figure that appears in the fog.”

“And does what exactly”

Bones shrugged. “Scare people to death? Sounds like Spock’s MO to me.”


“Modus Operandi.”

I know that. I’m not a dummy. I’m merely doubting your sanity.”

“Was a girl found last week in the park, covered in soil.”


“Yeah I guess there’s been more than one like that. Weird huh?”

“Beyond weird. And implausible too. Why would the boogeyman throw dirt on his victims?”

Bones ignored him. “Her hair turned white, too.”

“Hmm.” Jim considered. “Come to thing of it he did smell like dirt last night when  he came to bed.”

Bones stared at him. “You’re kidding.”

“Of course I’m kidding. Gimme a break.”

“Good morning, Doctor.” Spock appeared next to their table.

“Hiya sweetheart,” Jim greeted him as he slid in next to Jim. “Scare any girls lately?”

Spock arched a brow. ”There was a cadet who failed my test yesterday. She seemed frightened.”

“Only one?” Jim laughed. He gestured to the pumpkin rolls. “Have a roll.”

“Hey,” Bones protested. “I get one tiny bite and Spock gets a whole roll?”

Jim smiled. “It’s called love.”

“Bullshit is what you mean.”

Jim laughed. “Maybe I should feed it to you, Spock.”

“I’m outta here.”

Spock watched the doctor leave. “What is with him?”

“He thinks you’re the boogeyman.”

“I will never understand humans.” Spock tore off some of the roll.

“Me either.” His gaze went to Spock’s hand. “Hey, is that soil under your nails?”