Leonard stopped Jim with a hand on his arm as they prepared to beam back to the Enterprise.

“Look, why are the natives angry?”

Jim shrugged. “The chieftain thinks I slept with his wife.”


“Calm down, Bones. I didn’t, I swear.”

Leonard looked around nervously. “Where in tarnation is everyone? Why does he think that if it’s not true?”

“I guess she did sneak out of their home and meet with someone. I just know it wasn’t me.” Jim eyed his communicator. “We’ve got to get out of here stat.”

“Well where the hell are Spock and Chekov?”

Just as the words were out of Leonard’s mouth, Spock and Chekov rounded the corner with Chekov looking a little frantic.  


“What is it, Ensign?”

Running behind them were the natives and they carried weapons.

“Go! Go!” Chekov screamed.

As the pair reached them, Jim flung open his communicator. “Scotty, beam us up now!”

Leonard grabbed on to Chekov to pull him closer just as a native raised a weapon in their direction, yelling, “Stop!”

A mere seconds later, the four of them appeared on the transporter pad of the Enterprise.

“Well that was close, wasn’t it?” Scotty exclaimed.

“Damnit, Jim.” Leonard stepped down. “That was way too close. And now you’re going to have to explain yourself to the ‘Fleet.”

Jim laughed. “I didn’t do anything!”



“What does the doctor think you did, Captain?” Spock asked, unerringly polite.   

“They were after us because the chieftain thinks I slept with his wife. She snuck out of their domicile last night to meet with a lover.”

Scotty looked at Jim curiously. “And did you?”

Jim snorted. “No.”

“Come on, Jim. Nobody believes that.”

Chekov frowned. “I do.”

“Okay the kid here does. But Scotty and I know better.”

“Why do you believe the captain, lad?”

Chekov shrugged. “I saw who left the keptin’s tent this morning. It wasn’t the chieftain’s wife.”

Leonard frowned. “Who was it then?”

He noticed Jim and Spock heading for the exit.

“Mister Spock, of course.”

Leonard and Scotty both gaped at him.

Jim chuckled from the doors as they opened to allow him and Spock to escape.

Leonard sighed. “Next time I’ll mind my own business.”