This might seem a little close to the last one but they aren’t related, I just got this idea stuck in my head so used it more than once

“What is the meaning of this?” Spock asked as he stepped into the ship’s rec room. All around him numerous crew members decorated the room with garish green and red decorations. Some crew members stood on ladders to hang fake snowflakes from the ceilings. “Mister Sulu, I command you to answer.”

Sulu, who at the moment wore an outlandish red hat with a green pompom on the end, glanced his way. “Captain’s orders, sir.”

Captain’s orders?” Spock supposed he should have guessed. “What is this supposed to be? Besides clearly a violation of regulations concerning the banning of—”

“Didn’t know we had our own Grinch on board,” Giotto mumbled from the other side of Sulu.

“It’s Christmas in July, Commander,” Sulu explained. “The morale’s been low so the captain thought something like this might cheer everyone up.”

Spock narrowed his eyes and surveyed the room for signs of the Human himself. Across the room near the door on the other side of the rec room stood Kirk. He had the opposite hat of Sulu’s, his being green with a red pompom. He was gesturing wildly to Nyota who stood with him, nodding, and typing into her PADD.

At that moment, Kirk’s yeoman appeared and handed him a PADD, which he took with a smile. She said something to him, shaking her head, and then he looked down at the PADD and his smile disappeared.

“I will go and speak to the captain about this senseless frivolity.”

“You do that, sir,” Sulu said, turning his back on Spock.

As soon as Spock made it across the room, he first stopped to speak with Nyota. “Surely you have not agreed to participate in this.”

She shrugged. “It’s fun. Harmless. Just a bit of entertainment considering the last few months we’ve had. I was just going over the menu for the dinner.”

“The menu…this entire event violates regulations concerning the recognition of non-exclusive—”

“Oh shut up, Spock. No one’s being excluded. And by the way, I’m not with you anymore so I don’t have to listen to this.” She flipped her pony tail and stalked off to talk to Engineer Scott.

Spock turned to the captain. “Captain Kirk, this entire affair is against regulations and you—”

Kirk looked up at him, his blue eyes troubled and haunted looking. “Tear it all down then. I don’t care.”

And he walked away and out of the rec room entirely.

Nyota returned to his side. “What did you just do?”

“I-I did nothing. I just attempted to…” Spock closed his mouth. “Please excuse me.”


After the captain ignored his attempts at his main door, Spock went through their shared bathroom to reach him. He didn’t want to violate Jim’s privacy this way but it seemed necessary in this instance.

Jim stood in the middle of his quarters, PADD clenched so tightly in his hands his knuckles were colorless. He just stared in front of him, though he did finally glace at Spock upon Spock’s approach.

“What do you want, Spock?”

“What has happened?”

Jim shook his head. “Nothing.”

“I can see that is a lie. Perhaps I allowed my irritation at the recreational festivities to get out of hand, but there is surely something more bothering you.”

“It’s just for the crew, Spock. They need something to make them smile even if it’s just for a few hours. There’s been…it’s a lot to deal with.”

“Acknowledged,” Spock said, finally. “I withdraw my objection. Will you tell me what has happened now?”

Jim pursed his lips. “My grandmother died.” He sighed. “I guess she died a-a few months back, but I just got word.”

“I grieve with thee.”

“There was a time when I thought she was the only one who cared about me.”

“I doubt that was true at the time and I know it is not true now.”

Jim gave him his faint little smile. “I spent time with her as a kid. We had a lot of fun together. And love.”

“Was this your mother’s mother or your father’s?”

“Mom’s. Dad’s parents died before he did. I guess at least they were spared that. My grandmother was the first one who celebrated Christmas in July with me. Even then it was just…complete silliness. But we had a blast together.”

Spock nodded. “I can see that I have quite a lot to learn.” He stepped close to Jim. “Most especially about you.”

“Do you really think you will like learning more?”

Spock kissed him. “I know it.”

And that’s a wrap (Christmas Wrap) on this year’s festivities. Thanks!