“You know I’ve been thinking.”

“Almost always a bad thing.” His CMO, Leonard “Bones” McCoy didn’t even look up from his usual slouching over his cup of coffee.

“The crew morale took a serious hit recently,” Jim continued, unwilling to pay particular attention to grumpy Bones.

“Generally being attacked by Klingons and Romulans in the same week has that affect.”

“Exactly. So we need a distraction. Scotty can even make snow.”

Bones’ gaze finally rose to Jim’s smiling face. “Snow? For what?”

“Christmas in July. Or you know, a Holiday Extravaganza in July or Winter Wonderland in July. You know for those that don’t celebrate or care about Christmas. We can have snow and all the usual festivities. Eggnog, Rum Punch, Cookies, Presents, Santa. Everything.”

Bones stared hard at him. “What does your FOSO think?”

Jim frowned. “My what?”

His friend smirked. “First Officer Significant Other.”

“Did someone mention me?” Spock took his seat beside Jim, slamming his breakfast tray down on the table so hard that his bowl of goopy looking oatmeal bounced.

“You okay?”

“In fact I am not. I have had a disagreement with my father.”

Jim looked at him warily. “Again? What’s up his…what’s his issue this time?”

“He has expanded the list of who he intends to invite to our bonding ceremony on New Vulcan in October,” Spock explained.

“What you two need is a wedding planner,” Bones butted in. “Or, uh, a bonding ceremony planner. They can run interference between you two and your respective parents.”

Jim grinned. “You volunteering?”

“Not even if I was the last guy in the universe.”

“Nor would we ask you if you were,” Spock added testily. “What did Leonard mean when he asked what I thought?”

“You know you’re my FOSO?”

Spock shrugged. “The meaning was logically easy to figure out.”


“See Jim? Spock thinks I’m logical.”

“Especially if you are an expert at figuring out the nonsensical things the doctor comes up with.”

Jim chuckled. “He wanted to know what you think of Christmas in July.”

“In point of fact I do not think of it at all.”

“Well, start. Because we’re planning on one for the ship.”

Spock grimaced and poked his spoon at his oatmeal.

“Commander?” Jim deliberately used his authority voice.

“Yes, of course, Captain.”

Jim rubbed his hands together. “This is going to be great.”

“Perhaps you would like to speak with Sarek about our bonding ceremony.”

Jim nodded. “Oh, sure sure. I’ll take care of that too. Piece of cake.”

Spock looked away just as Jim caught him rolling his eyes.

It would be easy as he intended to let Sarek invite whoever he wished. He smiled and began to plan Christmas in July for the crew and as he eyed Bones, he knew just who he’d get to be Santa.