An extra with a cliffy for ya until Monday

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Everything had been going well between them until Spock tripped on a rock coming out of the restaurant and fell to his knees on the hard pavement.

It wasn’t like him to be clumsy, but his shoe rolled on the rock and down he went.

Spock felt his trousers tear at the knee where he fell and the sting of pain from the tearing of his flesh there.

“Spock!” Jim cried out, reaching for him, but it was too late, and the damage had been done. “Are you okay?”

“I am…undamaged.” Spock paused. “Mostly.”

“Yeah, you fell right on your knees. That had to smart.”

Jim hooked a hand under Spock’s arm to help him stand. His gaze went to the tear at Spock’s trousers.

“Looks like you scraped your knees. Ripped your pants too.”

Spock tried very hard not to panic. But it was summer and still quite daylight as they left the restaurant.

“I will take care of it back at the hotel room,” he said, trying for calm, though his heart raced hard in his side.

Jim was staring at his damaged knees though. His expression hadn’t changed or anything, but he was definitely staring there.

His gaze rose then, blue eyes searching Spock’s face. Spock expected to see some kind of recoil in those eyes that had become so precious to Spock, but there was no hint of anything like that.

“Yes, there should be a first aid kit there. Let’s go,” Jim replied.

He hooked his arm in Spock’s arm like there was nothing out of the ordinary and Spock began to believe that he had made a very close escape.

Outside the hotel office, Jim smiled just a bit. “Wait out here. I’m going to ask them for first aid stuff. Be right back.”

Spock watched as Jim flirted with the desk clerk, who produced supplies to Jim in a small paper bag.

Jim returned. “Lord, that was a pain.”


“I had to swear up and down you didn’t fall on the grounds and we wouldn’t sue. California’s a litigious state, my friend.” He grinned. “Come on, let’s get you taken care of.

They made their way to the room and Jim let them in.

Spock reached for the bag. “I’ll just go into the bathroom and clean this up myself.”

Jim held tight to the bag. “I saw, Spock.”


“Want to tell me why you have green blood?”