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Jim had been thrilled when Spock invited him over. It was totally unexpected and after the too long drive south which had exhausted him and made him irritable, it was definitely welcome.

Before being banished from Spock’s kitchen, Jim had found himself a cup to poor his coffee in. The cup looked like something maybe Spock had for a long time or had gotten second-hand as the lip on one side was chipped and it had World’s Best Dad written on it.

Jim frowned. Was Spock a dad? He hadn’t really thought about that. To Jim he’d been giving off gay vibes, which he guessed was silly considering he’d told Nyota he hardly had gaydar. Of course he sure could be bisexual like Jim himself was. But he guessed there was also the possibility Spock only liked women. He wouldn’t have thought so given the looks he’d given Jim, but hell, Jim had been wrong before.

There was always the chance that Spock had an ex-husband too and they had a child together through adoption or surrogacy as the Sulus had.

Only one way to find out. At least about the dad part anyway.

He took said mug full of coffee and made his way back to the kitchen. The edge of it anyway. Jim leaned against the counter and spent a moment or two watching Spock work the waffle maker.

Jim didn’t know why but there was something about watching Spock work that he found appealing. Maybe it was the man’s ability to super focus on it.

“Hey, Spock?”

And yet Spock didn’t jump or anything like he hadn’t known Jim was there. He simply turned around and looked a question at Jim.

Jim held up the cup. “You get this from your kid?”

“Negative. I secured it from the Goodwill as I did this waffle maker.”

“Oh, okay. I wondered. So, uh, you aren’t a dad?”

“I am not, no.”

Apparently though Spock must be of fairly low income prior to getting the job at the Science Institute if he did so much shopping at the Goodwill. Which was cool. But Jim was glad he’d gotten a better job.

“You paying alimony?” he asked, rather unthinkingly. It was probably a bit of a rude question. But Jim knew a guy whose much younger husband decided he was just too hot to be married to one guy and up and left him to move to New York. Even though it had been that young stud’s choice to end the marriage, Jim’s friend was paying a whopping amount of alimony for his ex to live in New York City.

Spock’s brows furrowed. “I am not.”

“You’ve never been married?”

“No.” Spock paused. “Have you?”

“God no.” Jim laughed. “Er that came out wrong. I’m not like completely opposed or anything, but I’ve never found anyone good enough…” That sounded bad too.

“For you?” Spock asked.

Jim laughed again, feeling his face heat. “That came out wrong too. I have foot in mouth disease.”

“Foot and mouth?”

“In. You know, the saying?” But Jim could see Spock did not. “Anyway, you know what? Never mind. I just haven’t found the one who makes me want to get married.”

Spock nodded then and turned back to pay attention to the waffles. Probably a good thing for Jim.

Still, Spock didn’t order Jim out of the apartment or anything so that was good.