A new month has begun. As I said, no particular theme, flashes at whim.

“Fun in the sun!” Bones exclaimed. “Lying on beautiful beaches with fine sand and even finer women.”

Jim smiled faintly at his friend’s excitement for their upcoming spring break from Starfleet Academy. He couldn’t blame Bones for his enthusiasm. The last few weeks had been grueling.

But admittedly, Jim’s own mind was on other things. He glanced past his friend to the table beyond where Spock sat by himself, back to them.

“I think I’m going to ask Spock to come with us.”

Bones stopped mid-sentence as he’d been waxing poetic about all the plans he was making. “Who?”

Jim shrugged. “You know. Uh, Spock.”

“What in the world for?”

“Because, you know, it’s the nice thing to do. And I am sorta, kinda seeing him.”

Bones stared at him. “A one-night stand does not count.”

“It’s only a one-night stand because it only happened once.”

“That’s usually the meaning, yeah,” Bones said dryly.

“What I mean, Bones, is I intend it to be more than the one time.”

“Okay, you’re crazy, but whatever. Can’t you do all that after our fun in the sun?”

Jim sighed. “I could, yeah.”

Bones smiled.

“But I don’t want to. It’ll be okay. He might not even agree.”

“He will. You’ll turn those baby blues and that saucy smile and he’ll be putty in your hands, just like everyone else.”

“You exaggerate.”

Jim rose, squeezed Bones slumped shoulder, and headed over to sit across from the Vulcan he’d recently spent a night of very excellent sex with.


Spock, all somber in instructor black, glanced up at him from his PADD. “Jim.”

“You busy?”

“I am always busy. What is on your mind?”


Spock arched a brow.

“Of the kind we had the other night, yeah, but also…spring break is in a few days.”


“You aren’t going to Vulcan, are you?”

“I have no plans to visit soon, no.”

“Well, Bones and I, I told you about him, we’re planning on going to Monterey for the week. There’s a resort right on the beach with amazing views and a bar right there with tropical drinks. You know the Aquarium is within walking distance, too. Wanna come with me?”

“Your friend will not mind?”

“Nah, he’s good with it,” Jim lied, because he wasn’t about to say ‘he’s throwing a fit but he’ll deal.’ Jim smiled. “What do you say?”

“Would we room with him?”

Jim shook his head. “No, we can get our own room. You and me and paradise. You’d like to go, wouldn’t you?”

Spock took a sip of the tea beside him. “I would like to experience the Monterey Bay Aquarium.”

Jim smelled victory.

“And getting time to spend with you would be an added bonus.”

Jim laughed. “I’m so trying not to be offended that you didn’t say that you’d like to experience more time with me and that visiting the aquarium would be the added bonus.”

“I mean no offense.”

“I know you don’t,” Jim said, reaching out his hand toward Spock and being happily surprised when Spock took his hand. “I had an amazing time the other night and I really want some more amazing times. What do you say?”

“I say that I will join you, yes.”


Spock’s lips curved ever so slightly. “In fact, I had been considering contacting you to come over to—”


“I had not finished.”   

“I still say yes. What time?”

“As soon as you are done with your day.”

“I’m done now.”

“Excellent.” Spock turned off his PADD and pushed back his chair. “Let’s be on our way.”