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“Who are you going to buy a Valentine’s Day Card for?”

The card slips from Jim’s hand and onto the floor as he jumps at the unexpected voice coming from behind him. He bends down and scoops it up from the floor of the shop before someone steps on it to ruin it. He abruptly puts it back in the slot of the shelf.

“Geez, Spock. Don’t sneak up on people.”

Spock arches a questioning brow at him. They are in a gift shop on the main thoroughfare in the heart of Yorktown. A couple of days from going out on the newly repaired and upgraded Enterprise.

“We are in the shop together, Captain. How could I have snuck up on you?”

“Well.” He shrugs. “You gonna get a card for Uhura?”

Spock looks like is considering it and he steps past Jim to the display. After a moment he holds up one that says something about his loving friend.

”That’s for her?” Jim asks. He is surprised, yes. Rumors were swirling that despite Spock helping to rescue her, they were not reconciling. Jim didn’t know because she had seemed like she’d wanted to at Jim’s party.

“Yes.” Spock picks up the card Jim had been studying which showed a big flashy glittery red heart. He opens it to read it. His gaze goes to Jim, but it is unreadable. “If Only You’d Be Mine?”

Jim smiles. “Thought you’d never ask,” he jokes.

Spock puts the card back and chooses another one. It has a small red heart and hands that seem to be holding it. He hands the card to Jim.

Who reads out loud, “Logically, you should be mine.”

Jim laughs. “That’s cute, I like that one.”

Spock nods and puts it with the card for Nyota. “Then I shall get this one for you.”

He walks away and Jim stares after him, eyes wide, and jaw dropped open.

“Catching flies?” Bones cracks as he approaches.

“No,” Jim whispers. “A Vulcan.”