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Love Month

Flash Fic, February 22, 2023

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She’d insisted on wearing a traditional wedding dress rather than giving into the idea of wearing Vulcan robes. The dress fell long to just the top of her delicate little ballet slippers, which were trimmed with tiny little cloth roses in yellow that seemed to go very well with her off-white dress and shoes. She’d chosen not to don a veil or a tiara, nothing like that. She just had her blonde hair, now streaked rather liberally with gray, piled high on her head with ringlets cascading down.

She looked beautiful. Even breathtaking if Jim was allowed to say so considering she was his mama.

“I bet you looked like this when you married dad.”

Winona Kirk, soon to be Kirk no more, Jim supposed, turned and gave him a radiant smile. “Oh but a lot younger, of course.” She sighed and smoothed out her dress. “Is it stupid that I’m nervous?”

“Nope. It’s not every day you get married. And even less that you marry a Vulcan.”

“And yet you did too.”

“Uh-huh.” Jim sat down on the edge of her bed as she stood before the free-standing full length mirror in her bedroom.

Sarek had, somewhat surprisingly, agreed to have their marriage and bonding ceremony in Riverside at the farmhouse. The couple would split their time between the farmhouse and their house on New Vulcan.

If someone had told Jim a year ago that his father-in-law would one day become his stepfather, well…life was strange sometimes. But Sarek seemed to make his mother happy and that was what mattered to Jim.

“Were you nervous?”

“I was. And I had a bit of cold feet, too.”

She frowned at him. “Did you?”

“Sure. All that bonding for life, mind meld shit, it’s a lot to deal with.” He laughed. “You know that. You’re dealing with some of that yourself.”

“We haven’t really done much in the way of melds. But yes. I’m still surprised to hear you had doubts.”

“Of course I did. But I loved Spock, so I set those aside and married him anyway.”

“And now?”

Jim laughed. “Now I’m deliriously happy and have no clue what my problem was. How about you, Mom? You have any doubts?”

She thought about it. Shook her head. “No. I am nervous. Maybe I’ll say the wrong thing, stumble over my words, that kind of thing. I don’t want to embarrass Sarek in front of the priestess or other Vulcans.  But doubts about being Sarek’s wife? No. I love him and he loves me. We’re different, sure, but I think those differences make us work really well. I never had doubts about your dad either.”

Jim nodded, smiled, and stood to offer her his arm.

“Frank was a different story.”


“I definitely had a million alarms going off in my head, but I ignored them, thinking it was just…not wanting to let go of your father.” She shook her head ruefully. “What a fool I was. I should have listened to my instincts.”

“You weren’t a fool. You were just lonely and wanted companionship. You chose the wrong guy. But you’re no fool, Mom.”

“I certainly have a spectacular son.” She hugged him.

“Come on, let’s get you married.”

They exited her bedroom and went down the stairs and out to the yard to begin.

And that concludes the love month of February, thanks for reading

Flash Fic, February 23, 2022

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Jim looked at the sky above, noticing the increase of clouds coming in. With a frown, he noted the decline in temperature as well.

A storm was on its way and though it was a bit cliched, Jim could, in fact, feel it in his bones. Years of misuse had given him arthritis in just about every joint.

Spock still wasn’t back from his trip to San Francisco. He was expected back that evening, but with the volatile weather, Jim guessed it was possible his shuttle flight would be delayed until morning. At least. Since Jim didn’t know how long this storm that was coming would last.

He finished loading the wheelbarrow with firewood and brought it to the back door of their house. It took a few trips to get it all inside but Jim wanted to prepared to have plenty of wood for fires if Spock made it home in time. His Vulcan got cold easily and not appreciate the probable snowstorm.

He had plans for a vegetable minestrone soup for dinner too.

Jim checked his messages but there was nothing from Spock to indicate he wasn’t coming, so he decided that was a good sign. He got to work building a fire and putting the soup on.

He decided he’d lost track of time, because before he knew it, he heard the sound of a hover car just outside the house. He went to the window, and sure enough, Spock was getting out of a hover taxi, bags in hand.

Warmth blossomed in Jim’s chest as he went to the front door to greet his husband. He opened the door and drew Spock into his arms.

“You made it before the storm hit.”

“I left early for that very reason.”

Jim thoroughly kissed him. “That explains why I thought I’d lost track of the time. God, I’m thrilled you’re here. I have the fire going and soup is on.”

Spock’s lips curved as he pulled Jim in for another kiss. “I am glad to be home.”

Flash Fic, February 18, 2022

There are all kinds of love, including a mother-son

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It wasn’t often Jim was around for his mother’s birthday. In fact, he couldn’t even recall the last time. Vaguely he had memories as a child of celebrations surrounding it, surrounding her, but as an adult? No.

She’d told him once that since her birthday was right after Valentine’s Day, growing up she’d often had a heart-shaped cake. And so on his way to see her, he’d picked up a heart-shaped cake at the bakery. The frosting was a light pink rather than an overdyed red. He’d brought her a bouquet of flowers too,

He wondered if they’d let him bring the cake, but the stern nurse at the door just glared at him, so he figured that was as close to permission as he was going to get.

The Enterprise was in San Francisco at the moment, undergoing some needed upgrades, so her crew had a few days off. He would rather not be visiting his mother on her birthday in a Riverside hospital, but she was there, so what choice had he had?’

She’d had a small stroke, just a teeny one she had assured him, but they were keeping her there for a few days to observe.

He located room 215 and went through the open doorway. Winona Kirk sat up in her bed with her head turned to gaze out the window. It was snowing that day.

A memory flashed of her in the hospital when he was pretty young, his grandmother had brought him, and he had scrambled onto the bed, yelling, “Mommy!” before he’d been scolded to get down.

“Mom,” he spoke softly.

She turned her head to look at him and he noticed the slight droopiness of the left side of her mouth, but she smiled.


“Happy Birthday.” He held out the brightly colored tulips, her favorite. Her eyes lit up. “I know it’s not tulip season, it’s a bit early, but I found these.”

“They’re beautiful. I’ll have a nurse put them in a vase.”

He set them on a nearby table.

“A cake too.” He showed her.

“Ah, you shouldn’t have,” she protested, but he could see she was pleased.

He placed the cake next to the flowers, approached the bed, and leaned down to kiss her. He straightened.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better. Even better now that my baby is here.”

He rolled his eyes but smiled. “Not a baby.”

“I didn’t say you were a baby I said you are my baby.” She gestured to her face. “They say it’s supposed to get better. I have to do some physical therapy.”

She patted the edge of the bed and he sat there.

“I’m glad I got the chance to see for myself.”

“Me too. It’s been way too long since I got to see you. How’s life on the Enterprise?’

“Good. Still going where no one has gone before.”

“Have you got a certain someone?”




Her eyes lit up. “You have one!

“Maybe not.”

“James Tiberius!”

He grinned and took her hand. “Just—”


He rose and turned to see Spock standing in the doorway of his mother’s hospital room. “Hey, Spock, come meet my mother.”     

Flash Fic, February 16, 2022

J requested this. Or something like it. And I think I may have screwed it up some but um, I tried. I’m pretty sure this look prompted the request Er…yeah.

Now that he stood outside Zach’s door, Chris felt a bit stupid.

His hair was too long and unkempt and his straggly beard was snowy white. And maybe, yeah, he wasn’t caring much about his appearance these days. Maybe he was a bit depressed and in perhaps a mid-life crisis. He was past forty and had nothing really to show for it. No current SO, no really hot career. He was just…doing okay. And that was starting to get to him.

He’d been sitting around his house drinking a beer and looking at old shots of his friends and loved ones he hadn’t looked at in a while. He’d come across a few pictures of Zach with an old boyfriend. He’d been with a guy that would be called a “bear”. A hairy, masculine-looking beefy guy. It had only been a brief thing, true. But he also came across a picture of Zach himself looking like that. Hairy with a fully, bushy beard. Was that what Zach liked?

Sure Zach’s last serious boyfriend wasn’t anything like that but…   

Okay, clearly Chris had too many beers.

But he was here now and he was committed.

Or should be committed, maybe. That was probably it.

He rang the bell.

He could hope that Zach wasn’t there. That would be ideal, actually. He could just turn around, and slink back home like the hairy beast he was. Sure, the paps would snap more pictures to post about how he no longer looked like a hot babe, as if he ever did, but he’d deal with it.  Yeah, definitely too many beers.

What he did not want to happen would be, whatever twink Zach was currently seeing, opening the door. And of course, Christopher, you idiot. He liked twinks not bears. Not hairy beasts like him.

The door was yanked open, like Chris had been leaning on the buzzer and Zach was annoyed.


Chris dropped his hand from the buzzer.

“What the hell…”

Zach stopped talking and merely stared at Chris.

Zach, for his part, was clean-shaven. Every hair was picture perfect. He looked…well…fucking gorgeous. Like he could have any guy on the planet, why would he want Bigfoot.

“Are you in there buddy?” Zach asked with pronounced amusement.

Chris pursed his lips. “Funny. I came for a haircut and a shave. Can I come in or what?”

Zach stepped back and held the door open. “You reek.”

“I had a few beers.”

“I can tell.”

It was a few hours later. Chris had several cups of coffee. Zach had cut his hair.

“Hey, I could finally put it in a man-bun. Thought you liked those,” Chris protested. “Miles—”

“Do not say that name or I throw you out,” Zach said, sternly.    

Chris clamped his mouth shut.

Zach finished shaving off the bushy white beard, leaving Chris clean shaven. Hair was still pretty gray, though.  A family thing.

“So, what was with this whole look?”

“Thought you might like it.”


“You know I’m doing that movie with the pool guy. I’m thinking he should have that look, you know?”

Zach nodded. “Well, guess you’ll have to start all over again, huh?” He stared at Chris with that intense way he had. “What’s really going on, Pine?”

Chris looked into his coffee but it did not, alas, have all the answers to the world’s problems. Or even his, if it came to that.

“I miss you. I miss you like crazy. And I’m…lonely, Zach.”

Zach opened his arms and Chris got up from his chair and stepped into those big, strong muscular arms.

And for now, it was better. Much.   

Flash Fic, February 11, 2022

Jim woke slowly, staring at the ceiling in his bedroom in the old farmhouse in Riverside. He didn’t know what time it was but judging by the sunlight it was late morning already.

He sighed.

It wasn’t like he had a lot of reasons to get out of bed anyway. He lived alone and felt more aches and pains in his bones due to misuse in his Starfleet days. He was nearing seventy-five and had retired some years ago.

A lot of his friends or old crew members had passed away, Bones and Scotty among them. He hadn’t spoken to Spock in years, but as far as Jim knew he was on New Vulcan.

He supposed he should get up and get some coffee. Breakfast. Lunch from the looks of it.

Grimacing at the creaking of his joints, Jim sat up.

“About time.”

Jim jumped. Standing by the window was a strange man wearing red robes and a strange purple hat.

“Who are you? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

The man smirked. “You’re in better shape than you think, Kirk. You can call me Q.”

“I think what I intend to call you is a fugitive from law enforcement as I’m about to notify them there’s an intruder in my house.”

Q laughed. “You could do that, but then you give up the opportunity to change your life.”

“Change my life?”

“You had the chance to tell that Vulcan how you really felt right after your birthday party on Yorktown, but you held back and never did. The question you have is what would have happened if you had told him and I have the answer.”

“How did you—”

“Never mind that. I’m omniscient. Do you want the chance to relive your life with that moment or not?”

“You’re crazy.”

“No doubt about that. But that’s beside the point.”

Jim frowned. Shook his head. “If I changed my life, that would change everything that happened after that moment.”

“Yes. And there’s no guarantee that confessing your feelings will have the outcome you hope either.” Q shrugged. “What have you got to lose?”

“Some good things have happened since then,” Jim protested. “All that would be changed?”

“That is the chance you take in all things James T. Kirk.”

“If I could—”

“Done.” Q snapped his fingers.


Jim woke, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom. Above his head was a starscape, painted expertly with twinkling bright stars. The room was still dark, though a tiny bit of light shone through a gap in the curtains by the window.

The door opened to the bedroom and Jim turned his head in that direction.

“Good, you are awake.”

A light came on and Spock walked toward him, carrying a steaming hot cup of coffee. He handed it to Jim as Jim sat up. Spock then went to the window and opened the curtains fully.

“It is another fog shrouded day in San Francisco. Good morning, Jim. Would you prefer pancakes or waffles for breakfast?”

“Pancakes,” he murmured, taking a sip of his coffee. He felt…disoriented, but he wasn’t sure why.

Spock nodded. “You are teaching a class at the Academy in an hour. I will prepare your breakfast while you shower and dress.”

He smiled. “Thanks, sweetheart.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “You are welcome. And Leonard is still coming for dinner tonight. I received his confirmation.”

“Okay.” He nodded absently and took another sip of coffee. He had a feeling he was missing something, something had changed, but he couldn’t figure out what, and in the end, he didn’t care.

He shrugged, rose, and got ready for his day.

Flash Fic, February 09, 2022

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“He’s waking up, Spock.”

Jim groaned as he heard voices around him. He put his hand up to his head.

“Easy, Jim. Don’t want you messing up that bandage.”

He frowned.  “Bones?”

“That’s right. You’re okay, you’re in the medbay.” Bones paused. “Spock’s here.”

Jim opened his eyes to garish red. And pink. Balloons.

“What the hell?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day.“  Bones chuckled. “Your admirer sent presents.”


“You are confusing him, Doctor.”

Suddenly Spock was there by his side instead of the balloons. He smiled.

“Think he’s high on pain meds,” Bones cracked. “I’ll give you a few minutes with him.”

Spock took his hand. “T’hy’la.”

“Everything’s going to be okay, Spock.”

“I believe I am supposed to be saying that to you.” He put his hand on Jim’s cheek. “You take too many chances, Ashaya.”

“So do you,” Jim returned. “What happened?”

“You were shot and then you fell off a cliff. I nearly had a heart attack.”

“Sorry. You know I love you.”

“I love you, too, though I am uncertain what that has to do with anything.”

 Spock gave him the perfect snooty Vulcan look.

“Well, in case you worried. With all my admirers,” Jim joked.

“I am not worried.” Spock kissed him. “I am the one who brought the balloons.”

Jim grinned. “You’re so romantic.”

Spock made a humphing sound and then Bones returned.

“All right, he needs rest, Spock, and so do you. And no I’m not pulling out a bed for you. In your quarters. See him again in the morning.”

“Bones is right, Spock. Go get some rest. And take care of my ship!” Jim called after his husband as he drifted off once more.  

Flash Fic, February 07, 2022

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“So much for the Valentine’s Day party,” Jim mumbled.

Spock was certain he could not have heard his captain correctly. After all they were stranded in cave in a snowstorm on a formerly hostile planet waiting for a rescue they both knew would take some time.

And that was not by far the worst of it.

“You are injured and need medical attention and we are in a cave trying not to freeze to death and your main concern is a ridiculous frivolous inappropriate festivity on the Enterprise that you will now be unable to attend,” Spock snapped.

Jim, face almost as white as the snow falling outside the cave, grimaced. “Well, when you put it that way…”

Spock relented slightly as he had no desire to be waspish to his captain. He clamped his lips shut for a moment as he continued to set up their shelter.

Concern for Jim’s injury was making him—as Jim would say—cranky. Spock got the fire going and then turned to the emergency blankets. He wrapped one completely around his captain, who now eyed him silently.

Once Spock was certain Jim was as comfortable as possible, he set the emergency beacon near the cave entrance so the Enterprise would get their signal when they were able to return after the storm.

He then approached Jim to check on his injured leg.

“You should join me in these blankets next to the fire, Spock.”

He intended to as soon as he ascertained Jim’s state. He crouched down to look at the blaster burn below Jim’s left knee. The material of his pants had been burned away, the flesh was a sickly charred mess and there was caked blood visible.

Jim’s pained gaze met his. “Looks gross huh?”

Spock pursed his lips. “I have seen worse,” he tried to say lightly and failed. “I would feel better if the doctor were here.”

“You want Bones to be along? Boy, I must be in bad shape.”

“I will give you some pain medication, Captain.”

Jim nodded. “All right. Then come in here with me.”

Spock injected Jim with the medication from the medkit in their emergency pack, and then watched Jim’s face to see the relief appearing there.


“Yeah, thanks.”

Spock then, having seen to everything he needed on behalf of himself and his captain, joined Jim by the fire in the emergency blankets.

For a moment, Jim stayed stiff and straight beside him, but after a time, he slowly leaned into Spock, his strength waning.

“Why are you so disappointed not to attend the Valentine’s party?”

“I’m not that disappointed, really. Just…” He blew out a breath. “I intended to make a big grand gesture there to my Valentine.”

“I see.” Spock put his arm around Jim’s shoulders to draw him closer against him for shared warmth. “I do not believe your Valentine needs grand gestures.”

Jim sagged further against him. “Are you mad at me?”

“Of course I am not. I apologize for snapping at you earlier. I am…concerned.”

“I know, but we’ll be rescued eventually.”

“Yes,” Spock agreed. “But it disturbs me when you are in pain.”

“It’s not that bad,” Jim whispered.

“I can see that it is, T’hy’la.” Spock closed his eyes for a moment. “What grand gesture?”

Jim chuckled softly. “I was going to propose.”

Spock nodded. “Very well. I accept.”

“Yeah? You do?”

“Of course, Jim. I would bond with and marry you. I do not need a frivolous party for such a thing.”

He felt Jim’s smile. Not physically, but in his mind, and Spock blew out a breath of his own.

“I think bonding will be quite easy.”


Spock took his hand and held it. “I am certain of it.”

Flash Fic, February 04, 2022

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“Who are you going to buy a Valentine’s Day Card for?”

The card slips from Jim’s hand and onto the floor as he jumps at the unexpected voice coming from behind him. He bends down and scoops it up from the floor of the shop before someone steps on it to ruin it. He abruptly puts it back in the slot of the shelf.

“Geez, Spock. Don’t sneak up on people.”

Spock arches a questioning brow at him. They are in a gift shop on the main thoroughfare in the heart of Yorktown. A couple of days from going out on the newly repaired and upgraded Enterprise.

“We are in the shop together, Captain. How could I have snuck up on you?”

“Well.” He shrugs. “You gonna get a card for Uhura?”

Spock looks like is considering it and he steps past Jim to the display. After a moment he holds up one that says something about his loving friend.

”That’s for her?” Jim asks. He is surprised, yes. Rumors were swirling that despite Spock helping to rescue her, they were not reconciling. Jim didn’t know because she had seemed like she’d wanted to at Jim’s party.

“Yes.” Spock picks up the card Jim had been studying which showed a big flashy glittery red heart. He opens it to read it. His gaze goes to Jim, but it is unreadable. “If Only You’d Be Mine?”

Jim smiles. “Thought you’d never ask,” he jokes.

Spock puts the card back and chooses another one. It has a small red heart and hands that seem to be holding it. He hands the card to Jim.

Who reads out loud, “Logically, you should be mine.”

Jim laughs. “That’s cute, I like that one.”

Spock nods and puts it with the card for Nyota. “Then I shall get this one for you.”

He walks away and Jim stares after him, eyes wide, and jaw dropped open.

“Catching flies?” Bones cracks as he approaches.

“No,” Jim whispers. “A Vulcan.”

Flash Fic, January 31, 2022

And so Love month begins with an obvious AU

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“That shy librarian is here.”

Spock looked up from his notes so fast and rather violently he nearly knocked over his tea. As it was a few drops landed on his notes. He fought back aiming a glare at his mother for stirring in him a reaction best left dormant.

But his mother smiled, unfazed by his hard stare. “He’s absolutely adorable, Spock. You should ask him out.”

“He is Human.”

‘You are half yourself,” she reminded him with an elegant raised eyebrow. “And really, poor boy, hardly anyone talks to him.”

That much was true. Why the beautiful blond haired blue eyed Human was working as a librarian in the Federation Literature Building on Vulcan, Spock couldn’t guess. The man was shy and wore glasses that just made him more, as his mother said, “adorable”.

Once or twice, Spock had seen the librarian walking home from the library to a stark, plain apartment building Spock knew had furnished apartments for outsiders to rent while on Vulcan.

He and his mother were currently having tea just on the other side of that building.  

The truth was, his mother was also quite correct that Spock wanted to ask him out.

“Go on,” she urged. “He’s just over there at that table by himself. Ask him out and then have him join us.”

Spock almost said no, but what was that old Earth saying about cutting off his nose to spite his face?”

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day, you know.”

Spock blinked at her. “So?”

“The perfect time to find new love.”

He sighed and pushed back. “It is a date, Mother. Let us not get ahead of ourselves.”

But she grinned, her dark eyes, which he’d inherited, twinkling.

The shy librarian’s eyes widened behind the thick glasses as Spock sat at the chair across from him.

“My name is Spock.”


“May I have your name?”

“Jim Kirk.”

“Hello, Jim. I would like for you to join my mother and me for tea over there if you are willing,” then Spock paused, “Also, are you free for dinner?”



“With you and your mother?”

“No. With me.”

Jim’s mouth hung open for a moment, and then his tongue came out to trace his lips.

“Yeah.” He cleared his throat. “I am.”

Spock nodded. “Join us?”

Jim looked. “I’ve seen you two before. Your mother is Human?”

“Indeed. Apparently, fondness for Humans is a family trait in my family.” Spock rose and gestured for Jim to do so too. “Shall I carry your teapot for you?”

He was rewarded with a bright smile.

As he carried the teapot over to the table where his mother waited, Jim brought his cup.

“Hi,” Jim said to Spock’s mother. “I’m Jim.”

“I’m Amanda. It’s a pleasure, Jim.”

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